Thursday, July 19, 2012

Whatcha Been Up to Jules??

That's a question that has been posed to me quite often lately. I've been extremely busy with little down time and that has caused lots of things to suffer. Not as much time to meet with friends, blog or keep up with phone calls.

First of all, after seven years of not working outside the house, I got a job and went back to work. My swim coach was looking for someone to work in his restaurant and I took him up on it. It's been fun learning a new skill and working again. I love being around people and especially working our special events. Lots of baby showers,bridal showers, wedding rehearsals and birthday parties. Really fun to help decorate, serve and make someone's day special. You can check out there website here

The kids have been busy playing water polo, Marty has been working and we had company from France for  11 days. Fanette, Vincent and David came to visit us and see California. We had a great time showing them around our town and state. We made four trips to LA and back by the time we were through. We went to Universal, Sea World, Disneyland and the Sequoias.

We loved seeing Fanette and her boys in person, showing them the state and just being together. I even skipped watching the first ten days of my beloved Tour de France to spend time with them. Between working and site seeing, I had no time to do little else. It was worth it and I caught up after they left.

Now I am back to work and tour watching. I've got some great updates on my weight loss journey to share but that is another blog and another day. Just lots of busyness and stuff going on. I am looking forward to settling into a routine soon.