Monday, December 31, 2012

A Very Good Year!

Never in my wildest dreams could I have imagined the past year. Some of my wildest dreams came true, I made new friend and lived experiences of a lifetime. It made me realize that dreams really do come true and to never give up on those dreams. New Years Eve is traditionally a time of reflection, celebration and remembrance of the past year.

In the words of Old Blue Eyes, " When I was 35, it was a very good year, it was a very good year". I really thought nothing could top 2011, which was a great year.

I cannot believe how many blessing came down this year, I am so thankful and amazed by them all. It has been challenging in its own way too. We've had to make some major life changing decisions that will start to take affect very soon. Decisions that have been weighing heavily on us and upsetting others. I will share more about that tomorrow.

Wishing you all a very happy 2013 filled with many blessings and much happiness! I hope you all rise early like me tomorrow and watch the Rose Parade.

My goals for 2013
Move to the east coast
Lose 50 more pounds
Be more positive and no more worrying
Start a new business
See more friends

Sunday, December 30, 2012

The Story of The Just Jules Icon

December 29, 2005, I took the kids across the street from our house to the park to play. I called my Grandpa on the phone. It was a cold grey day that matched my cold, grey,sad mood until I looked up to see the image above and was mesmerized. Marty had bought me a point and shoot camera for Christmas, I lifted it and snapped the picture. Little did I know, that picture would come to mean so much to me.

December 25,2005 a day that I often would much rather forget except for the part when God spoke to me. It was Christmas day, we went to church and I had a lot heavy on my heart that day as did a dear friend of mine. I remember praying for my Dad's health that morning. As I sat in the sanctuary watching a friend play the piano I heard God say, very clearly, "You have a long rough road ahead of you. Don't worry, I will be with you." he said a bit more but I won't share that part.

As we drove home from church, I hit the intersection before my house and made a phone call to my Dad. I went to wish him "Merry Christmas" but only heard this instead, "Your grandma has fallen and is pretty bad. We are going to take her to the hospital later. She won't go until after Christmas is over." That night she was on a ventilator in ICU.

It was a terrible day spent crying and worrying. I was far away and couldn't just leave. Grandma had taught me well that my kids always come first and to make Christmas nice. So I did Christmas for them that day and honored her the best I could.

Three days later, I was planning to leave town and go be with my family. I called Grandpa on the phone at the park that morning. I told him that I was praying for Grandma and how very sorry I was that she was so sick. It was the first in a series of life changing conversations with him, conversations that will live in my heart forever.

The kids and friends playing at the park that day

I was talking to Gramps when I got this picture and realized that I needed to get higher

There is a lyric in a song by Jack Johnson that says, " Now I remember watching that old tree burn down, I took a picture, I don't like to look at"

For the longest time, that is how I felt about this next picture. 
No filter or editing. The view of the Sierra Nevada's from the St.John's river

It takes me back to that cold grey day and reminds me that life changes in a instant. Now, I love this picture and what it has come to mean to me. God wasn't lying when he said it was a long rough road ahead. 2006 is not fondly remembered at all. My life became a giant country song that year Grandma died, Grandpa died, Mom got really sick, my car broke down, it was really bad. I chronicled it here, warning you will see that my writing has vastly improved and it is not well written.

The next five years entailed a very long, hard,dark time in my life that most others wouldn't survive without being destroyed. Now this picture reminds me that God moves mountains, brings peace like a river and that I can survive it all. 

I actually really love this picture because of the simple beauty of it. It has come to be my signature picture and stand for me. Most people probably wonder why I've stuck with it all these years and it was high time the story be put to paper. 

Sometimes a pretty picture isn't just a pretty picture.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Just Ask Jules or Just Guest Blog for Jules

Today I created a new email icon over on the left hand side of my blog. This will help you contact me with any questions, comments, opportunities, etc. for the site. I had some friends help me test it out this morning but thought it might be fun to do another Ask Jules segment.

Ask me,Ask me,Ask me in the words of The Smiths. Ask me anything you want and I will answer all the questions in a blog next week. I reserve the right to not answer a question publicly but will answer every question. I am open and think it would be fun to hear from my readers. You can ask me anything and I will answer.

Next line of business, I am looking for guest bloggers for 2013. Do you have a story you want to share? Need to get something off your chest? Want to try your hand at blogging? Email me and we can talk, I am open to hosting you on my blog. I do reserve the right to say no but have only done that once before. We can work out the details via email. I would love to share Just Jules with others and its always nice to be able to take a break.

So click on the little mailbox up on the top left and start talking to me. I think this is going to be fun and would love the interaction with my readers.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Unexpected Perspective and Answered Prayers

Perspective is a beautiful thing especially when they come in the form of answered prayers. Today has been a big day in the world of Just Jules. It started out quite normal until I checked my Twitter then email before heading to my day job.

For the last few months I've been writing guest posts on Finding Purpose in the Pain for my good friend Stacy. Today my post; which I wrote last month was about our upcoming move and how I was scared about setting a date and making a jump. You can read my post here, since writing this post I've been working very hard on my thought process and realizing it will all be okay.

Some of you don't know but I have slowly been starting my own business on the side. I've been asked many times to help friends start blogs, make Facebook pages and for Twitter advice. I've done this as  kindness for others until now. Before I was offered the job in Knoxville doing the same thing, I was wondering how I could turn this into a job? Along with running the social media for Fig and Company in Knoxville; I am starting my own social media consulting company. Here is my new website for my business:

Today, I awoke to a email saying that one of my blogs was featured on the Daily Buzz Mom's website. I wrote a post a long time ago about our Christmas stocking exchange and they featured it today in their top nine. You can read that post here.

I was going to share most of this later but since all three go together so well, I decided today was the day to share the news. For 2013, the goals have been set high, I am dreaming big and taking a leap of faith. Fear, worry, scare tactics of others and naysaying won't stop me. Either I will fall or I will soar, all signs point to soaring. The journey will be well chronicled and you can follow along as I take the steps into the future. I have all the faith in the world that I will succeed.

Just Jules Featured on Daily Buzz Mom's

This morning while checking my email; I got the shock of a lifetime that I am featured on Daily Buzz Mom's Top 9 today!

Thank you Daily Buzz Mom's for featuring our stocking exchange tradition. Tonight I will be working on a follow up post to detail our tradition a bit more and share pictures from this year's exchange.

Follow @DailyBuzzMoms on Twitter and like their Facebook page for great articles on all things Mom!

Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas 2012

The O.C. Supertones "Joy to the World" is blaring in the background, the family is sitting around the table, cookies are baking. Christmas is upon us in the Timms household once again. I forced the kids to endure some "Mandatory Happiness" today so that I could write a Christmas blog. This year I skipped sending out Christmas cards as usual. It feels strange but I simply have been too busy with work and running the family to find time. In fact, I usually am done baking before today!

Conner 15, Elizabeth 12

This year has been a year of the "new" normal for our family. The kids continued on in their home studies, Julie returned to the work force, Marty continued working for the state. Our lives have been non stop since Marty had his transplant. Much of this time has found us planning and dreaming of a new adventure with our second chance at life.

Conner learned to work a sound board and helped run the sound for his youth group. He has grown up before our eyes this past year. He still has that boyish face but is quickly surpassing all of us in height and shoe size. I think someday he will be wearing that "size 13" boot my grandpa often threatened us with. He still is as busy as ever, this is often put to good use by helping around the house and keeping our bikes in working order. He is looking forward to learning to drive next year.

Elizabeth completed her second triathlon  and discovered the joy of being a boy band fan girl ( much to her momma's delight) with her love of all things 1 Direction.  She constantly amuses all of us with her quick wit and randomness. She loved going to a concert with the youth group last month and seeing her favorite bands live. She is looking forward to more of that in the new year.

Marty has continued working for the state while planning out the future. He has spent much time researching and planning our move next year. Sadly due to work, he hasn't been able to play his bass this year and is looking forward to starting that up again in the new year. He has enjoyed spending time with the kids during the day while I work. They always have something funny to tell me when I come home. Marty is looking forward to moving and realizing a long time dream.

This year has been truly wonderful for me. I grew closer to old friends while making many new friends around the world. People always ask me "How do you end up meeting all of these people?" I haven't a clue, it just happens. I enjoyed spending Easter with friends and family in LA, meeting New Kids on the Block not once but twice, meeting many of my Twitter friends in real life, and rejoining the workforce. It has been challenging to be working again yet still managing the household. I have enjoyed the challenge though. I am looking forward to losing 50 lbs next year, moving and starting my new career  in Knoxville.

We wish you and your families a very Merry Christmas. May you be blessed with happiness,love,joy and peace in the year to come. 

Friday, December 21, 2012

Happy 30th Birthday Stacy!

Stacy has the distinction of being the first friend that I ever made online. We met ten years ago on Candace Cameron's website in the prayer rooms. I really thought going online and talking to people was really weird but praying for people online became a passion. I remember talking to Stacy on the phone for the first time about a year later, she was just twenty years old and fresh out of college. I would NEVER tell anyone that I had a online friend, that was just weird.

That year we began online bible studies together. Writing them across the miles and ministering to many across the world on Candace's site. I started telling people I knew what I was doing and suddenly it wasn't so weird to me anymore. My time online had found a purpose and Stacy has long been a partner in that ministry. Together we have been virtual pioneers in ministry, it has been such a amazing journey.

Stacy came to CA to visit my family several years ago, we had a great time traveling all over the State of CA by car together. My family and I loved taking her to all of our favorite places in California and showing her the sights.

I lost all my picture from that trip in a computer crash but this one remains.

Stacy and I have been on a journey together the last ten years that neither of us has fathomed possible. Our lives have taken paths we never could have dreamed. We have had the highest of highs and the lowest of lows together. We have prayed together, shared many praises together and shared some dark times.  She knows me really well, the good, the bad and the ugly. That is what true friendship is though isn't it? A real friend knows you well.

We have lived in a reality that many don't understand. I am thankful to have her to call when the need be and chat it out. This past year, God really showed me that we are in a circle of amazing women whose lives are intertwined. It is almost random really but I know it isn't random because God is a great weaver of the tapestry of life. She long ago embrace the craziness of it all, it has taken me longer to get there.

I am thankful to once again be working with Stacy by contributing to her site Finding Purpose in the Pain monthly and sharing some of the hard parts of my life with other amazing women. It is truly a honor and I am so grateful she asked me to join in.

She is a amazing women of faith,she has lived with chronic pain at a young age and shared the hard truths of that candidly with many. I have learned so many lessons from her down to this very day actually, this past week God used her to show me a truth. It has been such a joy to watch so many prayers be answered for her and with her.

Stacy, I no longer think of you as the younger girl fresh out of college. You are very much a inspiration to me and I am so thankful that God brought you into my life. These past ten years have been a crazy journey, I cannot imagine what the next ten hold. I look forward to being friends for years to come. I'm always praying for you. My prayer is that God bless you abundantly, bring you good health and much joy in the years to come.

Happy 30th birthday, the newest member of the club 30!

Be sure to send your wishes to her @dayspring82 on Twitter.

PS maybe we can see each other again soon.  We need a new picture!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Free Snowflake Ornament

Mailpix is offering a free snowflake ornament. All you have to do is pay shipping. I know what my kids are getting this year for their yearly ornament

Jerry's Birthday

Tonight, we remember our donor Jerry on his twentieth birthday. A life that was short and ended tragically has profound effects that are far reaching. Two years ago today Jerry turned eighteen years old, just fifteen days after deciding to be a organ donor. Twenty four days later, he became Marty's donor, giving his kidney and pancreas as a gift of life after death.

We don't know really anything about Jerry except that he was very young with a whole life ahead of him. Days like today are a real eye opener when we think of him. Today is the first year that we know it is Jerry's birthday or even know his name.

We always knew it was a man, so many friends and family felt the same. We prayed for three years for this boy not knowing who he was or how his life would end? Days like today are hard, we remember that our day is good because of his gift.

Marty was off work, taking care of Conner who is under the weather, joking around with Elizabeth while I worked. Such a different picture of life, all because of Jerry.

Two years ago, we were sad, life was dim and dark. Marty was sick, a sick that I have never really shared the depths of publically. The dialysis was failing and fast, we truly weren't sure if he would ever feel better again.

One day before, we had been given a glimmer of hope and were believing that maybe, just maybe everything would be okay. The story can be read here , it was something so crazy that we only told a few people at the time. It was one story I shared with Jerry's mom over the phone that had us both floored. It happened the day before Jerry's birthday.

One month, almost to the day later we got "The" call  and our lives were forever intertwined. We learned a few months ago that one day before, Jerry's mother Debbie had made the heart wrenching choice to let him go. During this choice, she honored his wish and donated his organs.

Two of those organs came to our family and saved Marty's life. I always tell people, Jerry saved four lives that day. He gave two kids their father and a wife her husband. Not one day goes by that we aren't grateful for the precious gift.

Jerry is our hero. He lives on through his organs and the gift of life he gave our family. We share his name every chance we get so that people will know he lived and he was a hero. He profoundly changed our lives forever and we are forever grateful.

Marty two years later

Marty and Elizabeth being silly as always

Conner and his Dad


This post is late today so let's plan for tomorrow. I challenge the readers of Just Jules to commit a random act of kindness in honor of Jerry's twentieth birthday. Let's honor Jerry in the best way possible by being selfless and giving to others.

One way you could give is by donating money to Taylor's Gift in Jerry's name. They have a fundraising goal they would like to meet by this Christmas

The Storch family and their story was a huge comfort to Marty and I during our wait for a donor. Taylor was the same age as our son when she donated her organs.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Finding Purpose in The Pain Monthly Submission

Today is my bi-monthly blog over at Finding Purpose in the Pain. Today's post is entitled " The Waiting Room.

Here is a sneak peek:

Sometimes life is a giant waiting room isn't it? Waiting on God to lead, move and shape our lives can be a challenge especially when the situation is tough or difficult.  It can feel like life is on hold and nothing will ever change while waiting in the waiting room. Sometimes it feels like we are alone and cut off from the world while in the waiting room. Instead of viewing it that way, we can use it as a way to draw closer to God.

To read more, head over to Finding Purpose in the Pain :

Happy 17th Birthday David!

Once in awhile, someone profoundly touches your life in a way that changes you forever. David came quietly into our lives this summer and changed us forever.

We met through his mom Fanette, we really only knew his brother Vincent and his mom Fanette from our many Skype conversations. David has autism and really never wanted to talk to us on Skype during our many chats.

Fanette decided to come visit this summer, while planning she really wasn't sure David could handle the long flight, the language barrier or being in a strange place? The plan was to leave him behind in France but she had a change of heart.

We are forever grateful she brought this beautiful soul to meet us. In one day, there wasn't a language barrier but a instant connection of hearts. Our family fell in love with David, hard and fast.......sometimes love is a language that has no words.

David has the most beautiful green eyes that expose his beautiful soul. When he is around, you forget the complicated trappings of the world  instead seeing life as simple, uncomplicated, and easy.

He is obsessed with Fantasia, he especially loves the sequence when the Flamingos dance. He spent many hours doing this dance in my hall way. He was also fascinated by Elizabeth's room, he would walk in, close the door and spend time staring at all her treasures. He never touched anything, he just looked and admired.

We loved that he wanted to hold our hands in public. As we were walking into Universal Studios holding hands, he was so excited that he grabbed my face and planted a huge kiss on me. It was such a beautiful, moving moment that his mom and I were bawling.

He loves to memorize movies and recite them. He was walking around saying " ooo, mes amies" and I repeated it en francaise with my very poor accent. He mimicked me, poking fun at me and I laughed loudly. It became a running joke, I would say it in french and he would say it in English or vice versa.

We went to a friends house for a Fourth of July party, they live in a large compound and I was searching from building to building for them. David loudly starts saying, "Hello, is anybody here..?"in English ( he picked up English very quickly, much to the amazement of his mother)

Two of the best moments of my life were watching David as he saw Flamingos at Sea World and seeing Fantasia come alive before his eyes during Fantasmic.

These little sayings and phrases bridged the culture gap and made the trip so much fun. We were sad to leave David and his family. We have Skyped again since their return and now he will come to the computer to say " anybody there?"

Sometimes language is a barrier overcome by love.

Joyeux anniversaire David, nous vous aimons. Passez une bonne journée

Regarde les nous Julie"
He loved wearing Marty's hats
In the mountains
Conner, Vincent and David
Happy David
In the Sequoias
David and the Flamingos
beautiful green eyes
Truly a magical moment!
He is still wearing his In and Out hat in France
David and Elizabeth
David and Conner laughing
Marty, Fanette and David
before Fantasmic

Monday, December 10, 2012

Solo Road Trip Weekend

I rarely leave my family and venture off on my own. This weekend I hopped in the car and made a six hundred mile round trip drive by myself. I was headed down to San Diego for a memorial service for my friend ALE originally. I made plans to meet with some friends along the way, it turned into a wonderful weekend of the unexpected.

My friend Janet had been asking to get together and was right in the direction of where I was headed. We met for a girls day of shopping and fun. I loved meeting her mom and kids for the first time. We had fun shopping and spending time together. She is truly one of a kind and to know her is to love her even more. Her kids are so sweet and really touched my heart when they started calling me " aunt Julie" on their own. I was sad to leave them at the end of the day.

I planned to stay with my dear friends the Fitz's, they live near San Diego and were a good stopping point on the first day of driving. I hadn't seen them since 2006 when my grandparents passed away. Jim has been a family friend for thirty years, since I was six years old. He is like a brother, second dad, crazy uncle, friend all rolled into one. When he married he gave our family his dear wife Jen, who has been like a big sister and mentor to me throughout the years.

When I was in high school, I babysat their kids Kevin and Caiti until I was married. They were like my first children and I love them as my own. Kevin remembered me while Caiti knows that I am special but really doesn't remember our times together. We had a fun night of reminiscing through stories and pictures. I had a girls night with Jen. Spent time with Kevin and Caiti separately before I headed home

What a wonderful experience to stay in their home and spend time with them again. It was really wonderful and I am so glad that I did. .

Jen and I

I spent a lot of time on this fire phone in High school

Jim and I

Kevin and I

beautiful Caiti and I

Then I made my way to San Diego to have breakfast with two other women who were friends of ALE. None of us had ever met except on Twitter, one I had spoken to on the phone previously and had become friends with about a year ago. The other I met the week that ALE passed away, she has been very kind and helpful during this hard time.

 We had a lovely breakfast remembering our friend together. The memorial was rescheduled to a time that I cannot attend. So this would be my one time to meet together with other friends of ALE. It was truly wonderful and I walked away feeling peace,love and joy.

ALE loved tweeting food pics, we tweeted pics of our food in her memory

Then I started the long drive home. I decided to stop in my hometown to see my Mom's new car and visit my Dad. He just happened to be at my cousin Rissa's house which meant that I got to see Baby Drew. Oh who I am kidding? I just went to see Drew, I am a sucker for babies.

Gerber baby cuteness!

I then quickly drove home to my family that I missed. It was fun to see so many people in a short time and find closure on the loss of a dear person who I knew for far to short a time. I am thankful to have had the opportunity.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Guest Blogger Staci: Mandatory Happiness

I begged my friend Staci to guest blog for me. I knew if she could put her infamous "Mandatory Happiness Day" into words it would be hysterical. She did not disappoint, this is for every mom that has ever tried to wrangle a family for a Christmas picture.

I laughed so hard, I downloaded the pics, blog and posted it straight away!  Thank you Foxy Momma for the great post.


Mandatory Happiness 
Oh, if only such a thing existed!
Mandatory Happiness Day for the Fox Family is usually held the Sunday following Thanksgiving.  It's a special, special day, we as a family "enjoy" as we try to capture one special moment of togetherness.
It started several years ago when my big girls were about 1 and 3 (now the big girls are 17 and almost 15).  If getting two little girls (and a dog once) to be happy or at least look happy, try adding three more girls and mom and dad!
The first few Mandatory Happiness Days were all about matching outfits and coordinated colors.  As our family grew it was more about just keeping everyone in once spot for a few minutes and the baby keeping her clothes on....that's all I want!  Focus people. Focus!
Over the years we've had a few tears on Mandatory Happiness Day.  Ya, they had the audacity to cry on my picture day. We've had smirks, frowns, sticking tongues, and even sucking thumbs. It's all the excitement you can imagine wrangling 5 independent girls for a few minutes. And, you would think that it would get easier the older they got. Wrong!  That just means more opinions to deal with. The topper of it all is my dear husband.  He doesn't like his picture taken but does indulge me this one time a year. 
You can say that Mandatory Happiness Day has become a Fox holiday tradition.  Even with all my fuss, I love it.  Here are some pictures that didn't quite make the cut this year:

Nana's Chicken and Noodles

We grew up with a great grandma in Pittsburg, Kansas. We called her Nana, she was a short, stout, stubborn lady who could cook anything. She wasn't overly affectionate but showed her love through her cooking.

Whenever she would come to California or we would go to Kansas, she would make two things for us. Apple cake and chicken and noodles. Nobody had the recipes for either of these things, she didn't have them written down.

I remember the night before watching her make the noodles from scratch, cutting them into thin strips and laying them out to dry on the counter. Then she would make the dish the next day.

Noodles in a chicken gravy with pieces of chicken in the sauce. Good, simple, hearty food out of the heartland.

Nana has been gone fifteen years now and she took her Chicken and noodle recipe with her. I know my Aunt makes her version that is close.

I was shopping yesterday and happened to see a bag of noodles in the freezer section. Right away, I recognized they looked just like Nana's noodles. I grabbed two bags and decided to try my hand at recreating chicken and noodle.

I made them today and they were perfect! I love these noodles. Soon I will try to make my own but for now, I am sold on these.

Nana's Chicken and Noodle

1 package Grandma's frozen  egg noodles ( or make your own from scratch

4 boneless skinless chicken breasts
1 can chicken broth
kosher salt
cold water

In a large stock pot, put six cups of water, a handful of kosher salt and one can of chicken broth.Boil chicken until it is tender and cooked through enough to shred. Do not drain the broth. Take chicken out of the broth piece by piece and set in a colander to dry.

Shred chicken into bite pieces when cool

Take package of egg noodles and put them in the boiling broth. When noodles are cooked through, do not drain them. Use a slotted spoon to gather them out, setting them in a colander. Keep the broth in the pan

In a measuring cup, take two cups of cold water and mix with 1/2 cup of cornstarch. Add to the broth in the pan along with chicken pieces. Stir until thickened, adding pepper and salt to taste ( you may not need salt but pepper for sure) 

The consistency should be like gravy

*  if you need add cornstarch and cold water as needed if the original amount isn't thick enough.*

When mixture thickens, add noodles back into the mixture and let cook until warm.  Serve and enjoy.

Really simple, down home meal. Tasted just like Nana's! I am so proud of myself for recreating this recipe from my memory. This is the first time it has ever been written down and shared. 

Monday, December 3, 2012

Mailpix 8x10 Canvas with Free Shipping

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*disclaimer* I am affiliated with Mailpix and do receive compensation from referrals.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Guest Blogger Lori: Jordan Hill "Someday at Christmas" Interview

My Super reader Lori asked me if she could do another guest blog for Just Jules and I agreed quickly. She has quickly become a great asset to this blog and I would do anything for her. She wanted to help one of her favorite musicians promote her new Christmas single and do a interview. A big thanks to Lori and Jordan Hill for giving me this opportunity. Check out Lori's interview after the picture

You may know of Jordan Hill from her song "Remember Me This Way" from the Casper movie soundtrack (you know, that song that "real life" Casper danced with Kat to?). It's always been one of my favorite songs!

That song feels like a lifetime ago, but I've personally kept up with Jordan's career since way back then. These days with the power of the Internet, independent artists such as Jordan Hill have gained the ability to keep in touch with their fans, whether they are working on a new album, sharing new tracks or planning a gig, it's amazing how the Internet has allowed these artists to keep their fans informed and up to date!

Over the years, she has worked on putting out new material and a new album, and that time will be coming very soon, but in the meantime she has recorded a Christmas track to release first - "Someday At Christmas".

"Someday At Christmas" is a cover of Stevie Wonder hit Christmas song and is available to for purchase on iTunes, with all proceeds being donated to Children's charities!

I got to ask Jordan a few questions about the track, Someday At Christmas, and her NEW upcoming Pop album coming out in 2013 - check it out!

Me: I'm guessing that Christmas is favorite holiday - what do you love about the Christmas season?

Jordan: Yes it is!! I love everything about Christmas! The decorations, the music and the excitement and happiness that everyone feels during that time of year! I really love seeing the joy of giving. That's the best part. When you see someone so excited to give, or when you  see someone so appreciative when they receive.

Me: Do you have a favorite Christmas tradition?

Jordan: Christmas Eve has always been a BIG deal in my family. We do it up BIG! There are 60 plus family members that get dressed up and enjoy an amazing sit down dinner together. We  read the Christmas story, play games, open presents, and have a huge fireworks display! Christmas Eve is my favorite night of the year! I love being able to see my family together and happy!  Its so special!

Me: What made you choose this song specifically to cover?
Jordan: Well "Someday At Christmas" has always been one of my FAVORITE Christmas songs! It was originally recorded by Stevie Wonder. And I am a huge fan of the Motown Era. So I just had to record this song!

Me: Which charities are you planning to donate the proceeds to?

Jordan: We are working with  The Children's Angel Tree, Children's Hospital, Childhelp USA, and St Jude's.

Me: What artists or music inspire the music you create yourself?

Jordan: I am a HUGE fan of all music! I listen to just about everything from Pop, rock, R&B,Gospel and Classical. I would say the artists that most influenced me are Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey.

Me: When did you start singing / when did you know that it is what you want to do with your life?

Jordan: I have been singing my entire life! lol I cant remember when I wasn't sing! We have recordings of me from when i was less than a year old and I was singing full songs before I could speak full sentences. I just connected with music from an early age. The first time  performed in front of an audience I was 5. I remember how excited I was! And when I got off the stage, I knew from that moment on.... I was going to sing and entertain people for the rest of my life.

Me: How would you best describe the type of music that your upcoming album will be?

Jordan:  My new album will be a combination of different styles. Pop,R&B and Rock. I like to call it universal, because there is something for everyone!

Me: When might we expect the first single from the album?

Jordan:   We are shooting for Summer of 2013 ! I cant wait for everyone to hear it! This has been a long time coming and I'm so proud of the music! It's the best music I've ever recorded!

There you have it!

Jordan's song "Someday At Christmas" is available now on iTunes and Amazon. She is also releasing a  version of  "This Christmas" on December 1 ,that will also be available for Download on Itunes!

By downloading a copy of "Someday At Christmas", you can have a chance to win a FREE IPAD MINI! Email your full name, and proof of purchase from Itunes of "Someday At Christmas", to Enter@ to be entered! A winner will be chosen on January 1, 2013.          
  Here's the link to Download "SOMEDAY AT CHRISTMAS"  NOW!!   Someday at Christmas - iTunes

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A huge thank you to Jordan Hill for being a part of Just Jules!

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