Monday, September 7, 2009

All my blogger buddies are making me look bad. I haven't blogged much lately due to my lack of computer. Yes, I killed yet another MAC! Everyone makes fun of me for that, they claim overuse on my part. Conner and E are back in school. So far, so good as we get back in the groove. They are both eager to learn and ready to make progress. This makes teaching more fun for me instead of battling unwilling learners. We are still on our quest to move and so far God has not opened that door for us. We are trying to be patient and wait on the right house. Our neighborhood has gone down hill lately prompting our desire to move. Marty has done good physically this past week. Such a breath of fresh air and needed desperately. Today he is getting a new monitor to check his blood sugar constantly. We are very excited and think it will help a great deal. His spirits are down and he feels tired of all this. Sometimes that is the hardest part of all. I hope you are doing well! Let us know if we can pray for you. Thanks for reading along and supporting us! It means the world to our family.