Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Interesting article

I am tired, I am weary and I am definitely feeling bad for Marty. He is not feeling good at all these days and the wait has been really hard lately. I googled wait for a Kidney/Pancreas transplant knowing that info like that is not out there. I guess I was wrong because I found this article from November 08 stating that their are 8 people waiting for a kidney/pancreas transplant at Stanford. Wow, so we have a 1 in 8 chance with every organ that  comes available. That really lifted my spirits and made the day easier  to face. You can click on my title to read the article for yourself. Also you can see Dr.Busque the surgeon who will be doing Marty's transplant when the time comes.

I am thinking of setting up a day of prayer for Marty and the transplant. I will let you know details soon.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Answered prayer, grace and forgivness

So a funny thing happened at the doctor's office today. Remember Conner's awful baseball coach from last year? Well he was sitting there when we walked in. He greeted us and we politely said hello, he asked if Conner was playing again this year and we told him "yes". He said "I bet your wondering why I am here?" and we said "yes" since only people with Renal failure go there. He was dressed in business attire so we knew that it was something business related. He said "I am the pharmacist that will be supplying Martin with his protein solution." UGH, can you say AWKARD? it was for us as well as him. He knows how we felt about things last year and we know it did not end well. Overall he was very nice and professional to us and things went well.

I just think God wants to remind us to be forgiving and give grace to others. It is so easy to judge and to be angry, it is much harder to forgive. Also it is probably a hard lesson for him to remember when you are a professional in the community that you have to keep that up outside of work. He now has seen a real patient and not just some name on paper. He knows our family and sees who he is dealing with now, he knows we are young with young kids. It was hard for Marty since he does not like people to know his situation and it is very humbling for him to share it.

This brings me to the answered prayer part. As always he commented on how awesome it is that Marty still works. We looked at him and said "Prayer, just totally answered prayer." Then the dialysis nurse, who is new at this office asked" Have you ever had a infection?" and Marty said "No" and we smiled knowing it was answered prayer. So far almost every prayer all of us have prayed has been answered, it is Glory to God and the power of prayer. Never believe that prayers don't get answered and that you can't see God in the small everyday things.

Thank you for being so faithful and praying for us. Keep up the prayers and hopefully the big prayer will get answered soon and we can all rejoice in Marty's healing.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Almost spring

It feels like spring most days here in V-town. Conner has started baseball again and so far the new team seems much better. We like the new coaches and families we have been placed with this year. Except for the fact, that I think the person who stole our American Girl doll is on the team again. Actually it is another child of her's but I think she is the one who stole it.  Oh well, it's just a thing and God wants us to forgive, I think he wants me to practice that.

E has been E, still messy as ever. She keeps asking me for a savings bond, apparently she saw this on t.v, and thinks it will give her endless riches. She is funny, now she catches all the crazy things Conner says and often laughs along with Marty and I. Last week he called her a "Cinco de Mayo" and she came up to me and said "I don't think he knows that's a holiday." it was pretty funny.

School has been going amazingly  well and both kids are making progress. No doubt they are trying to earn their prizes Grandpa bought them. E is working on earning a American Girl doll and C is working on a pre-paid cell phone. Not my idea, that was my Dad's idea and he didn't ask permission. Good thing it is pre-paid and I don't have to foot the bill.

E was asking lots of questions about babies tonight. It was a pretty cute conversation and I hope I answered her questions.

Conner went to camp this weekend and wore himself out. He came home and told his dad all about the band they had there. He was talking bass with the bass player and told us "the drummer is a recovering Canadian." whatever that means.  He said he stopped two boys from fighting and that was sweet.  He brought us home all something from the little store. He did buy himself a wallet, a "nice" wallet. It was a expensive wallet, costing him 12.99 of his money.

Just thought I would update you on the world of Conner and Elizabeth.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Trying to not grow weary

The truth is we are, we are trying to fight it but the wait is starting to take it's toll on us. Life has been placed on hold and at first it wasn't bad. But now the more time that goes on, the wearier we get by the day. We full rely on our faith and know that it will all work out eventually but how long? Reminds of of the song 40 live by DC Talk or U2. How long must we sing this song?

Marty feels worse than before, hopefully some of that will be combated by a new treatment he is about to start. They will be putting protein in his dialysis solution to make up for the protein he is losing at rapid rates. Hopefully this will help him to feel better until the day comes.

The kids want to go so many places and do so many things. Most of that is on hold until Marty gets his transplant. They are doing good but more often than not I hear "When is daddy going to get his transplant?" or "When is this going to be over?"

For me, I have so many friends all over the country, that I would love to go see. So many people have invited me to do great things only for me to say "no. Not until later." that gets old and harder to do. We really can't even justify the 400 mile trip to So.Cal right now. Just too hard to do.   I am thankful for Facebook at least it is a outlet. Plus it is hard to plan for people to come visit because you never know when the call is going to come.

Pray hard for a end to this ordeal. Pray for a perfect match and pray for strength for us. So many prayers have been answered. Marty is doing well, hasn't had a infection and is still able to work and for that we praise God.