Sunday, June 28, 2009

Sorry for leaving you hanging

  I feel remiss about not blogging for so long, summer has come and life has become hectic. First things, first, Marty is still on dialysis at home and no transplant yet. He had a rough month in May but things have improved in June. The doctor told us that his calcium and potassium were low causing numerous problems. We have been working very hard to improve these things by changing his diet and remembering to take his  phosphate binders. Those pills contain much needed calcium and also help bind any phosphorus he may eat.

 We were able to make it to Santa Clarita for two days earlier this month. It was a lot of work to get Marty there but we did. He participated in the Police and Fire games in the bowling category, he ended up placing 7th overall. We enjoyed getting away for two days and staying in a hotel, better than looking at the same four walls.

So far the kids are having a great summer. They have been to several pool parties and fun events already which makes us very busy. We spend lots of time running from here to there and having fun. So far we are jammed packed and looking forward to a busy summer.

We are still waiting and waiting for Marty to be healed. We are trying to not grow weary or faint and hope in the Lord all the way through. It almost seems as if the call will never come and life will never get back to simplicity. We are trying to keep going and be as normal as possible, sometimes it is hard. I have found myself so tired that everything goes out the window. I try to do as little as possible besides things that are absolutely necessity.

If you have been wondering about something, feel free to ask and I will answer.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Second Place Baseball Team

Second place league champions. Way to go Padres.

Baseball season is over

WOW, what a difference a year makes. Last year if you remember, we were so glad to see baseball season end. We had a horrible coach and team, we had theiving parents and it was ugly. This year we met the most wonderful families, coaches and Team mom Tammie. The coaches taught Conner so much about the game and encouraged him as a person. The Team mom sent email reminders every practice and game. She made sure there was help and snacks each game. We even had a swim party last week just because. I made friends with a wonderful lady Charlene, who became the unofficial snack mom of the team.

In the beginning of the season our team didn't win a whole lot, but the kids had fun each game. Conner was a magnet for getting hurt this year. He got hit by a pitch or something almost every game. I am so proud of my son though, he also grew as a person this year. He pulled the coach aside two weeks ago and told him to let other kids catch. He told the coach he knew that some younger boys wanted to catch and to give them a chance. He told me he knew what that felt like to be told "no" and he didn't want to be the cause of that.

Last night as we were leaving, I was almost crying again. Last year it was pain and this year it was sadness I won't see some of the people again. It was truly a wonderful experience to take part in. Thank you to everyone who made this season special for our family.