Sunday, January 15, 2006

It's thy will not my will

I know that I have been less than positive lately and some of you might wonder about me. I know God is sovereign and in control and I know that life doesnt go the way we always want it to go. I know that I am learning and growing through these times and have had a few days of letting go slowly but surely. Not that I want to let go but I know I need to let go for me and all around me. I surrender my life to God long ago and now is the time to lean on him not wrestle with him. Hopefully once I knock this cold I will be in tip top shape again.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Can I have a nervous breakdown now

Well let me fill you in: I am home now from my extended stay down south. Got there and helped watch out for Grandpa so everyone else could work alittle. Had good news about Grandma and she came of the vent. Saw her and she was laughing and joking. The next day went to see her with Grandpa and then they told my aunts she would never recover. They made plans to get her home so she could be there and be comfortable. Grandpa was so happy to have her home he shaved and put on aftershave. Got her home and had this great talk with my Grandpa about life and needing to take care of my own family. I felt selfish to Marty and the kids so I came home and then was home 1 night got up this morning and Grandpa is now in the hospital with Pnuemonia on top of his Emphysema. This is all on top of my Dad having a weak heart, My best friend having a heart attack and my other best friend telling me her heart is not good, and my uncle having colon cancer. Anymore I think I will explode. I think I need to join the gym and let off some of the stress. I know God spoke to my heart and told me I had a rough road ahead but this was more than I could have ever imagined. I am growing in God and trusting in him. Romans 11:1 and Psalm 23

Sunday, January 1, 2006

Happy New Year 2006

Looking so forward to 2006. 2005 was good until the end that kinda sucked. I am happy for 2006 because Marty and I will be 30 and celebrate 10yrs of being married. We are going to take two big trips and hopefully will continue to settle in with this new job. There is only one thing I can say I am really worried about this year but it is a fact of life....Cant wait to see where God takes me this year.