Saturday, August 19, 2006

Wardrobe malfunction

Ok, so this is the second time in a month I have had a mortifying wardrobe malfunction. My poor husband I am such an embarrasment to him.

First time I was wearing light shorts and it became that time without my knowledge and I was all over town and didnt know. AWFUL to discover that when I got home.

Then today I went to church to set up for my mom's group and came home and discovered I had a hole in a very strategic area........I want to die right now. I was talking to my pastor and my youth pastor and it is pretty awful....My poor poor husband.

I need to think of something to do about this problem. I think I will go buy new clothes all in black or something........................

Dying of mortification now.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Life lessons from Dog the bounty hunter

My cousin tells me " I didnt picture you being a Dog the Bounty Hunter type"

So the need to explain comes in and also my life lesson I learned from the show can be explained.

So yeah, I like the Dog show and I am not ashamed of that.

I think that he gives people a chance and pays forward something that was done for him many yrs ago. He shares his life and his faith and that is pretty cool and hard to do. I am not really good at that myself. Plus, I hate the way his wife dresses and think that they are all stuck in the 80's rocker/stoner look and she dresses pretty trashy and I like to laugh at the clothes and feel sorry for his wife's fashion sense. It is pretty bad!
Plus, ever since my dad lived there and we went there I have a fixation on all things Aloha and love when they go to the big island so we can see on tv where we have been and get that feeling all over again. So I love looking at the surroundings that the show is filmed in.

ok, now the story and life lesson( I am not liking admitting this part of myself and feel like I am going to be judged myself here)........ I was watching the wedding special this past week and first of all I love that they are all over the big island and I am thinking been there and been there and lovin it. The the Hilton Waikoloa is one of the most beautiful hotels I have ever been too and it was just like going there again and I loved seeing it. But I was thinking these people are pretty bad. They lead the whole world to believe that they are married already and then they arent. Then they say they are Christians and they are living together. What hypocrites and how shameful of them to pray on tv and then be living together. I was getting all riled up and then it hit me. There are no levels of sin my little white lie to the salesman is just as bad as them doing what they are doing. We all want to run around and put grades or levels of sin and there isnt. Sin is sin and one is as bad as the other. The fact is we all sin and we are all unperfect. I am not perfect and I am just as bad by judging them and can look like just as big a hypocrite as them for doing it. So I realized a huge fact on giving people grace for where they are at and that I am not their judge and jury and I need to be more thoughtful of this. So I am humbled by even writing this out and really want to keep it private but it is true I learned a lesson from the Dog.

Monday, August 14, 2006


Summer has been hectic so little time for blogging. Life lately has been great not to many blips in the radar besides the extremely hot weekend where we lost power and Marty had a really bad low blood sugar and needed to go to the hospital weekend. I have been in a place of growth for many reasons and I am learning alot of things. I think some of the hardest lesson's I have been learning are in the area of friendships. I have always had many friends sometimes almost too many. I have alot of really old friendships that I have had for 16 yrs or better. I always fit in and was part of a group. So now getting older and having alot of clickiness going on around me is really hard and I am learning alot from it. I hate it first of all. I dont want to be it secondly and thirdly when it starts to affect your kids it really sucks. But today in church I heard a great message and really thought alot about what I feel God is doing in my life. I need to mourn it, get comfort from God, Seek him first, be meek and be a peacemaker. Hard to swallow. I get angry and want to say mean things to people but yet I have held my tongue and will continue to do so. More later on the Dog the Bounty Hunter show that taught me alot later...........