Saturday, June 17, 2006

Ok,I'm a slacker

Well life is nothing short of the usual chaos that is called my life. We have been enjoying the summer and our growing garden as of late. For the first time in my life I have been able to grow something from a seed and see it actually bloom and grow. I have managed to keep the plant my aunt gave me alive too! We are still schooling but very minimally we are just doing two subjects for Conner and one for Elizabeth. We have had to make a dragging our feet firmly trip to So.Cal again this time someone in Marty's family died and we saw his side for the first time in 9yrs since his dad died. It was nice and we enjoyed seeing his cousins and their kids. Conner had a great time up in a tree and Elizabeth asked me every 5minutes for 2 hrs when we were leaving. We enjoyed seeing the fam at G-ma's and G-pa's and enoyed a swim in the pool. This week we cleaned and moved furniture around and got ready for my dad to come up for Father's day weekend. Funny stories to tell.... As you may or may not realize I stopped growing in 8th grade and havent grown since. Anyways, I am typically the butt of many family jokes about my size. I tell them I wish I hadnt grown those last 3 inches or I could have joined Little People of America. Anyways, after hearing a weekend full of them I was back home in Visalia this weekend and I took the kids to the dollar store to get some packing tape. I couldnt find it or see it and Conner's new thing is to ask for help. So he goes and finds the guy and asks where the packing tape is and the guy looking at him but out of the corner of his eye looks at me and says " It is on the top shelf and you probably couldnt see it was above your head." Ok, so I blow that off and laugh and then the next day went to get gas and took the kids in for a drink and walk up to the checker and He says" how cute you guys have a little stair step thing going on." to me and MY CHILDREN. HAHAHAHA so funny . These are not siblings buddy these are my is moving ahead and going forward and I am enjoying the beautiful weather and summer sun.