Tuesday, May 30, 2006

In honor of Memorial day

I would like to honor my Grandfather's and cousin who served this country. My mom's dad was a cook in World War 2 and served in the Army. Hey, soldiers need to eat too! I never knew him so I dont know much about his service except what Learned from My Grandfather Benjamin Brown. He was proud of his time in the army as a heavy artillery truck driver. He lost his eyesight in service to our country even if it was just the result of two other soldiers getting in a fight and throwing rocks. Up till his dying day he still talked of his time in the army and even thought he was back in a few days before his death. Then my cousin Jimmy who died almost 20yrs ago in the Persian Gulf at the hand of a Iraqi missile. He gave his life so long ago for a battle that rages on today. He was proud of his service in the Navy and gave his life for our country. Thanks to them and many others I am free!