Tuesday, May 9, 2006

I am so disappointed

Ok! Warning you will know how stupid I can be when you read this blog!

You might hate it so you can stop reading now! I just need to vent only if it is to myself.

I have been watching 7th heaven since Conner was a baby so since 1997 as I have stated it is my guilty tv pleasure. Now that said as formentioned you may want to back out now. I am so sad that it is over and pardon my french the finally episode SUCKED! as if they hadn't already jumped the shark and then taken them off the air. I know it is expensive hence despite high ratings they took it off the air. So in order to save money they kept a 10 yr show in a 1hr slot. So they hastily tied up these loose ends and then didnt answer alot of questions and on top of that had to make it even cheesier than it was already. I know watching the show is an insult to ones intelligence already but come on don't treat people as such morons to think we would believe all of their children could become parents of twins at one time.OH! I am so dissapointed!!!!!