Thursday, March 27, 2008

You know, I never thought of that...

This is for my friend Sarah, who just now mentioned to me that I have " a bevy of nicknames"

As you know a few months back I blogged about how we never call Elizabeth by her real name. She has a million nicknames and I think it is so funny. Never did I realize that I myself have a bazillion nicknames that friends and family call me by constantly.

~ Jules~ my Gramie called me this most often and sometimes is changed to ~Julesmarie~ by some family

~Hoolie~ my uncle Cal and Aunt Jeanette call me this and now some friends do too!

~Hoolia~ my dear friend Robin calls me this since she likes to say things with a Spanish accent

~Dork~ my two high school best friends call me this and my cousin's still do

~ Joojie~ ( pronounced Jew Gee) my mom and sister call me this

~Jooie~ Mom and sisters

~Moose~ My dad called me this for many years since I lacked grace and poise

~ Baby~ Marty calls me this

~Uptown Julie Brown~ My friend Lloyd from high school called me this since he though I wasn't a downtown kinda girl.

~ Downtown Julie Brown~ My name was Julie Brown and she was very popular in the 80's

~ French Fry~ My cousin Andy calls me this since I am short and speak French

~Whittier Daily News~ My aunt Al calls me this behind my back because I know all the goings on!

~Juliepie~ My high school best friend Liviu called me this

~ Julie Brown the Clown~ My grandpa would sometimes call me this

~ Pickle~ somebody in HS called me this but I don't remember why

and if you sing me " Mrs.Brown you've got a lovely daughter" or "Julie do you love me" I will answer to those also. I never realized this until this moment. I am sure there are more but that's all for now..........

Sometimes,you get what you want

So the other day at lunch I told Andrea and Melissa that I wanted somebody I know to have a baby. I was watching Andrea wear her ubercool Moby wrap and wanting to gift somebody with one. I got a email from Carrie on Tuesday morning that I am going to be a aunt again. Very exciting, now I have a reason to buy cool baby stuff, plus, my sister does make cute kids.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Blog"her" buddies

On Friday of our spring break trip I was able to set up lunch with Andrea and Di. I was so amazed that after all these years of reading their blogs that I would be able to meet them. Never in a million years did I think I would ever meet them or their kids but that is just what happened. It was so funny being together with them and feeling like I have known them my whole life, yet, I really didn't know them at all.

 I have come to believe that Di is my sister separated at birth, it is so wierd how much we are alike! She is a awesome mom and one heck of a lady, I could sit and talk with her for days. The best part is...she loves to talk too, in fact I think she could outalk me.

 Andrea is the sweetest person and so laid back, she is one heck of a mom and has two of the best behaved kids. We talked alot about how are families are townies and somebody from Whittier always knows one of our family members.

 It just seemed like we always have hung out together and known each other for years, we just clicked. The kids had a great time playing with Tate, Diego and Siobhan, Krystal was so awesome to run around and kid wrangle. Krystal is really cool and I wish she lived closer to babysit for me.

 Andrea was wearing her Crocs and I was having Croc envy since I left mine at home for the week. Can I just tell you that Felicity is a doll, she has the cutest personality and at one point was acting like she was having a full blown conversation with me!

 We all agreed to meet again and hang out, we all felt the same way walking out of there...we had made new friends that felt like old friends.



Spring break

A few months back I decided to go to LA for spring break, I had to break down or else risk not seeing my family. The kids missed their cousins and I missed my cousin's so off we went.

While planning the trip I found out that my friend Melissa from Texas would be able to visit while her husband traveled to LA on business. It was so exciting to get to see her and her baby Ryan, we prayed for him to be born it was so exciting to meet him.

The kids and I had a great time showing Melissa all around The Southland including Hollywood and the beach. We had fun driving around and chit chatting while the kids had fun seeing new things. Here are a few pics from our travels no LA pics since I left my camera at home that day:




Wednesday, March 12, 2008

I held my breath

Saturday was the day of reckoning for Conner, his first baseball game. We have been confident with his skills( virtually non exsistent) and that of his team. Some of the kids are really good but there are quite a few that have never played just like Conner. Marty has been going to pratices and assisting the coach with the kids. So when Saturday came it wasn't as scary as it could be but it was still scary. Conner gets called to left field first and starts walking to right field, I got shot the look by my know the look " Did you not teach him right from left" that look. Anyways, a ball flew by him and he ran to get it and threw it back alittle late but still he got it. Anyways, we get to his turn to bat and the team has no outs so far and I am holding my breath in anticipation of the unknown. I got out of my chair and stood up to see, I was holding my breath and clutching my chest out of anxiety. He got two strikes and then it happened *crack* he gets a hit and runs off to first base, suddenly I am relieved and so excited. Before it his turn was over he stole two bases and was waiting on third to be brought home, some other kids got the outs and he didn't get the chance. I was just relieved that he got it and now has a great story to tell for the rest of his life, here are some cute pics of my little "Philie"



Monday, March 3, 2008

just for laughs

Marty " Wow, that's a big Mc Donald's, what does that sign say?"

Me: Laughing hysterically

Marty " Quick and Esy Mart"

Me "Yeah, esy with no A because heck who needs the A on a big neon sign"

Seriously seen driving down the road, the Quick and Esy mart!