Saturday, November 26, 2005

Holiday weekend

That went fast! my mom came up for turkey day and we had a huge meal for 6. Then yesterday morning her and I ventured into the madness of black Friday. I got a couple of good deals and so did she. Then she watched the kids and Marty and I went on a long overdue date. We went to dinner at Fugazzi's it was great. I had a apple martini and a watermelon martini. Then we went and watched Walk the Line. It was a great movie very good date movie. It is well done and highly recommended. We had a great time and nice break. Some things do get better with age

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

I still hate the xbox 360

Ok he waited in line didnt get one and I am still having to fight with Blockbuster over the one ordered. I had to have a talk with a friend today and that was hard. There were some hurt feelings on my part and for those of you who know me well this is not unusual. Then I babysat a friends daughter and am ready to curl up with my long awaited new Jan Karon book and go to sleep. Good news I got 3 new friends today and this place has been great for finding people I have already been searching for. I am addicted.


I am awake and it is 4:31 am couldnt sleep. Marty got up to go buy his 360 and I am awake. Yesterday was a long drawn out day that ended up with the phone getting turned off (by me) I didnt want to talk anymore which is a miracle for me.It was a joyful day but kinda one of those days where you are dealing with everyone elses crap days. Today is a new day and the Lord has made it. I will rejoice and be glad.

Saturday, November 19, 2005

why I already hate the xbox 360

It is not even here yet and my husband is totally obessed. He was very angry that Blockbuster might not get his pre ordered one in on Monday. I am soo sad:) not!!! Ok any input on how to get kids to listen and clean rooms greatly appreciated.......................................................

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Sad~November 17,2005

I am sad today! I am sad our friends are moving. It seems like everyone is moving away or walking away. maybe it's just getting up at 5:30 in the morning thing I am doing with the kids now who knows. I miss Chris and Caiti and Casper and now Steve and Tammy and Gracie are moving too! Just needed a good cry and couldnt sleep so I thought I would blog. I am glad though that I have found a ton o people with this crazy thing. I hope I am not cranky tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!