Sunday, November 2, 2014

Change isn't swift and other random musings

Well, it's obvious my grand makeover is stalled. I am a tech idiot, that thought this was simple but apparently not. So you're reading this on my old non-revamped site.  Cést la vie....I will figure it out.

The issue is I bought this domain through Google years ago but it's really through GoDaddy. I bought hosting through GoDaddy, simple right? WRONG. I pointed my domain at the ip address GoDaddy suggested and my site looks the same. My head is literally spinning from allergies and sinuses, so brain fog is making it worse.

So why did I decide to do this during NaBloPoMo 14? because I am a glutton for self induced punishment. I just am tired of dealing with the Blogger platform which isn't user friendly anymore and my site is lacking...a lot.

Speaking of NaBloPoMo +Lizz Porter  mentioned on Twitter that NaBloPoMo may only be M-F? *cue screeching record* WHAT? 7 years of writing everyday and they are changing it to M-F? What's the challenge in that? This may just be speculation, still waiting for Blogher to answer us on Twitter. You mean I wrote two more blogs a week for nothing?

Allergies are bogging me down right now, affecting my inner ear and making me dizzy. I am all hopped up on allergy medicine. So I will cut this rant short. Is it me or is this NaBloPoMo starting off rough?