Friday, June 22, 2007

the goodnight

So tonight Elizabeth wanted to read to me and she read to me from "Junie B. Jones" and she was reading and it was so funny to her she was laughing and then I had to read and then I was laughing. Junie gave her dog a haircut in the story and it was really funny. She ended up reading the whole 86 page book in one sitting...aaahh, payback yet again since I blew through books like that. Good thing it was a library book :)

Then Conner read to me and did really well. He is getting better and better these days and is making huge progress with his reading.

Then I put them to bed and Conner came running down and said the neighbor was outside ( he heard this from upstairs) and said a satellite was going over. So we went out back and something bright was moving across the sky and you could see a shape to it and something coming in the distance. We watched them until out of sight and came in and checked NASA skywatch and sure enough we had witnessed the shuttle and space station go overhead. I didn't know that they were so easy to see and so bright. Very exciting night for us!

Monday, June 18, 2007

Music and Lyrics

Who knows how the last version of this got set to Diary ??? Here is the original cut and pasted:

If you grew up in the 80's and you love 80's music this is the movie for you. I think I have watched it 5 times in the past two days. I love it! I always watch Hugh Grant movies and love all of them. I think this is my favorite all time Hugh Grant movie it is that good. The music is pretty good too and now I want the soundtrack.

Speaking of 80's heard coming from the back-seat yesterday driving down the road "Rock the Cash box, Rock the Cash box..sssriee don't like it Rock the Cash box" You can only guess which child that was heard coming from :)

I am adding this as a side note: This weekend I was looking up Tears for Fears and found out that Curt Smith has a myspace. So I checked it out and it is him and he runs it himself. This was my childhood crush and my favorite band of all time. So I was able to send him a message and he not only read it he added me as a friend. WOW! What a great thing!

Monday, June 11, 2007

random thoughts

ahhh, back to the blog! It seems like forever since I have

Life is good here in Visalia we have been enjoying nice weather. Very odd for this time of year.

We got a pool, a little easy set pool. What were we thinking??? first we got took on buying chemicals. That guy saw us coming. Then all the kids want to do is swim but I know this is what my grandparents and aunts were waiting for "PAYBACK" all they did was watch us swim all day everyday for about 20 yrs. The only problem is our back yard isn't really even and it is needing to be drained and moved. It is kinda oblong instead of round. But the good news is I am tan. Bad news, I will probably get skin cancer from tanning that would be bad.

School is done except for Conner and his math and reading that he must finish before summer is over. Pray for patience for me. All he wants to do is swim and he already doesn't get to go to camp because of not finishing his work.

Conner is the king of random thought here is my favorite out of all that we have heard in the past two weeks:

" mom I can't learn to play the banjo! They don't sell them at Wal-Mart" OK! I cried at this one.

Elizabeth never wants to clean up but she did finish all her schoolwork. She is still at that age of mispronouncing things and these are two she keep saying:

When I ask her to do something she salutes me and says "YES, MAMMARY" no you did not misread that instead of saying "YES, MA'AM" she calls me Mammary.

Then she keeps telling Marty " Mommy touched me how to do breast stroke today" hehe she means "taught" but she keeps saying touched. :P

We have been so busy with birthday parties and end of school parties and this and that. More of that this week.

I think because it is summer and we have a pool I have dreamed about my grandparents house and pool two nights in a row now. I won't elaborate.

I am me and happy to be me. Just nerdy, dorky me!