Friday, June 22, 2007

the goodnight

So tonight Elizabeth wanted to read to me and she read to me from "Junie B. Jones" and she was reading and it was so funny to her she was laughing and then I had to read and then I was laughing. Junie gave her dog a haircut in the story and it was really funny. She ended up reading the whole 86 page book in one sitting...aaahh, payback yet again since I blew through books like that. Good thing it was a library book :)

Then Conner read to me and did really well. He is getting better and better these days and is making huge progress with his reading.

Then I put them to bed and Conner came running down and said the neighbor was outside ( he heard this from upstairs) and said a satellite was going over. So we went out back and something bright was moving across the sky and you could see a shape to it and something coming in the distance. We watched them until out of sight and came in and checked NASA skywatch and sure enough we had witnessed the shuttle and space station go overhead. I didn't know that they were so easy to see and so bright. Very exciting night for us!