Tuesday, May 30, 2006

In honor of Memorial day

I would like to honor my Grandfather's and cousin who served this country. My mom's dad was a cook in World War 2 and served in the Army. Hey, soldiers need to eat too! I never knew him so I dont know much about his service except what Learned from My Grandfather Benjamin Brown. He was proud of his time in the army as a heavy artillery truck driver. He lost his eyesight in service to our country even if it was just the result of two other soldiers getting in a fight and throwing rocks. Up till his dying day he still talked of his time in the army and even thought he was back in a few days before his death. Then my cousin Jimmy who died almost 20yrs ago in the Persian Gulf at the hand of a Iraqi missile. He gave his life so long ago for a battle that rages on today. He was proud of his service in the Navy and gave his life for our country. Thanks to them and many others I am free!

Saturday, May 27, 2006


I am looking forward to the summer with excitement and angst. How could that be? you ask. Looking forward to seeing friends I dont see during the school yr. and having fun with the kids. BUT the sale of my grandparents house looms large over the summer. You say "It's just a house?" no it isnt. It is the only home I have ever known really. When my parents divorced when I was 13 we spent every visitation with my dad there. Long before that my family had a habit of spending Fri- TGIF watching ABC and having pizza, Sat- swim days and Sun- swimming and more fun. My parents never really owned a home once I was past 5 and so the only places I had were my grandparents house. It was my safe haven and the place in my heart I call home. I know why the house has to be sold and am not against that in any way. It is going to be like another death in the family really truthfully. So I feel the waiting again the waiting for something to happen and know it's coming. I am looking forward to getting together and having a last slumber party and shindig before it's gone. We had lot's of those and my family is famous for them. We had carte blanche when we were kids there was pretty much nothing we couldnt do. Only one time did I move my Grandma's table and roll up the rug to make a skating rink for the younger kids. Yeah, that pretty much pissed her off and made her mad at us. It was my idea! We swam the summer away in the pool and were all good swimmers SOME OF US better than others mainly the two of us J names. Our friends could come. We would have parties there mainly always a birthday party and back to school parties. Can a house be more than just a building? yes, the building eventually gets rebuilt, woven and painted with memories. It will be sad but I cant wait for it to be over. I want to get out of grieving and back to life. Even though each day get's better and overall I have been better and better. Just some thoughts deep from within my heart.

Saturday, May 20, 2006


We are in the drugstore the other day getting a prescription and I am waiting in line and Elizabeth starts up with her bad habit again. She likes to stand in the checkout and fix the displays. Mostly it is the gum displays but this time it was the chapstick display. She is really good at in but people look at me like I am nuts when I tell her time to go and that she can stop organizing the displays. I repotted the plant I brought home from Grandpa's funeral and when I got in the basket I found 4 plants. I found it so appropriate because all four of my grandparents were friends and now I have one in memory of each. Strange things are often the most comforting.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Conner,swimming and random musings

So the other day we took the kids swimming and discovered that Conner really is not a swimmer. He has taken some lessons but I just dont think it's a natural thing. He was in a shallow pool and at the 4 foot section and he would not move away from the wall. Then he would start to swim and stand up and walk he was more walking than swimming. Even though I am a swimmer and a pretty good one at that I dont know how to help him. I try to help him but end up laughing so hard that I can't.......Elizabeth is more a natural at this and is doing well........................I am trying to get in a trip to So.cal this summer to swim in the pool at grandpa and grandma's one last time before they sell the house. I am dreading this because it will be like another death in itself and very sad.............................The dog has fleas for the first time and it is driving me nuts.............Do you ever have people that talk to you and only call when they want things and then when you cant deliver they stop talking to you because you said no. A big pet peeve of mine and trying to come to terms with this behavior from other people.......Going camping and excited about that.......Getting off the computer for once in my life......

Sunday, May 14, 2006

It is officially hot and not going away! today was a busy day. I went to a seminar on de-cluttering and home managing. Yes, folks I am a home manager and do a pretty good job I think but thought I could use some continuing education in the field. Anyways after that came home and went to a baptism party and then on the way home had a very bad blowout. I was able to keep control of the car and make it safely to a parking lot. I pay for roadside through my phone company and it worked. All is well but man is it hot and I am exhausted.

Tuesday, May 9, 2006

I am so disappointed

Ok! Warning you will know how stupid I can be when you read this blog!

You might hate it so you can stop reading now! I just need to vent only if it is to myself.

I have been watching 7th heaven since Conner was a baby so since 1997 as I have stated it is my guilty tv pleasure. Now that said as formentioned you may want to back out now. I am so sad that it is over and pardon my french the finally episode SUCKED! as if they hadn't already jumped the shark and then taken them off the air. I know it is expensive hence despite high ratings they took it off the air. So in order to save money they kept a 10 yr show in a 1hr slot. So they hastily tied up these loose ends and then didnt answer alot of questions and on top of that had to make it even cheesier than it was already. I know watching the show is an insult to ones intelligence already but come on don't treat people as such morons to think we would believe all of their children could become parents of twins at one time.OH! I am so dissapointed!!!!!