Friday, November 19, 2010

Elizabeth's turn

Elizabeth is doing great these days, definitely a pre-teen for sure. Girls sure do mature a lot faster than boys, that is for sure. She is into sewing, our good friend "aunt B" from church takes her every few weeks to teach her. She has almost bypassed me in sewing skills. She made a blanket for my good friend Heather's new baby Chloe.

She loves to write, write, write. This week she wrote a jingle for her vet service to the tune of "Feliz Navidad", she wants to be a vet someday and is planning ahead. She really has ambitions to go to UC Davis and become a small animal vet. Her jingle is really cute.

She also has a penchant for collecting "recieps", no, I didn't mispell that. She calls recipes, "recieps" and it cracks Marty and I up all the time. She cleaned out a binder of mine to put recipes in and is always reading up on new dishes. I love seeing this from her, it is really cute.

She loves to sketch fashions, something I used to do all the time. She loves clothes and is a girly girl for sure, way more than I ever was. 

Reading is something we have in common and she reads just as fast as I do. She loves reading books and going to the library to find new books. I cannot wait for the day she wants to read Anne of Green Gables, so far, no luck on that.

She excells in all things language and really isn't bad at math either. School is easy for her and I am envisioning she will start picking her own curriculum very soon. She has a definite plan that she likes to go by and that often differs from my plan. Since she knows her own strengths she likes to lean toward certain activities. Since this isn't bad, I don't mind letting her lead as long as we get the requirements met.

She is her father's daughter, just as I am mine. She has Marty's personality for sure, those two are thick as thieves. They love to spend their days joking and being extremely irreverant about bodly functions. That is something the opposite of my Dad and I, we like to talk about reading, politics and things of intellect. Marty and Elizabeth like to talk about farting. They have been having great fun with him being home.  They like to have fun and laugh together.

She is very independent, stubborn and funny. She definitely has a mind of her own and can be very hard to sway. She isn't a lovey dovey emo person like her momma at all. She is her own person and we love that part of her personality. 

That's the update, lots of changes but one thing remains the same..........she has the world's messiest room! Now that is something she gets from me!