Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving 2010

I have many things to be thankful for. Instead of doing thirty days of thanks on Facebook, I thought that I would write them out here today instead;

I am thankful for

1. Marty
2. Conner and Elizabeth
3. My parents
4. My aunts and uncles
5. My cousins
6. my many wonderful sisters of the heart
7. my many wonderful friends
8. a roof over my head
9. Marty's job that allows me to stay home
10. health and healthy kids
11. our church family
12. food in the cupboard
13. our dogs
14. laughter and joy
15. memories of my grandparents
16. insurance
17. dialysis that can be done at home
18. That Marty has never had a infection
19. for the donor and their family
20. for the doctors and medical staff who care for Marty
21. our flex spending grant
22. our homeschool group
23. that we got to go home twice this year ( maybe more as the year goes on?)
24. that I got to see many old friends this year
25. the kids are making great progress in school especially Conner
26. the kids are learning to cook and often give me a break
27. for new friends
28. Facebook the helps me have a outlet
29. for my prayer group of 10 special ladies
30. For you my blog reader

Phew, that was tough!