Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Sob sisters

I have a few friends who wanted to know what this means. In our family we have a long running quip about those of us who are always crying at touching things. We call each other sob sisters, it is a term of endearment of sorts. We are the one's who always cry at songs, movies, weddings, funerals and emotional things of all sorts. I think we get it from Grandpa, he was tender hearted. I am sure Grandma came up with the term, not really sure but I am guessing it came from her.

My first real memory of sob sister moment was when Aunt Maggie got married. Grandpa is crying walking her down the aisle and she says all she could see was Brianne, Rissa,Aunt Al and I all with our backs shaking in the front row because we were all sobbing. Maggie who is a sob sister, didn't cry at her own wedding and neither did I. But we all cried boat loads at Rissa's wedding.

My fellow sob sisters are Aunt Alison, Aunt Patty, Aunt Maggie, Brianne, Rissa and Caiti ( my Dad is a sob sister but he would NEVER admit that). If they cry, guaranteed I am going to be crying with them. It's just how we are, we have to cry or our heads would explode. I cry at movies, commercials, other people's sad stories, just about anything including Snoopy Come Home.