Thursday, November 18, 2010

Grammatically prejudiced

We recently got rid of our home phone service and switched carriers. We got new cell phones and decided to sell the old ones on Craigslist. I did this once before and couldn't believe the response we got almost immediately.

So, I listed them and instantly got responses. I sold one in fifteen minutes and was on the way home when I received a call for the other. He said, he would call back later and when he did Marty inadvertently told him it was sold. OOPS!

I got home and had several emails from other buyers. The only problem was, most of them were unintelligible. My favorite was, " Do U still hv ur fone? cuss I want to buy itt." or "do you stil have you fone?" seriously? this is a business transaction of sorts, no place for "text" speak.

So call me rude, call me grammatically prejudiced, I refused to answer those emails. I got a very nice email from a very nice lady and sold it to her instead. So there, I will admit it, I am prejudice towards poor grammar.

A/N seriously, if you get a new phone sell the old one on Craiglist, You would be surprised at how many calls you get.