Wednesday, November 17, 2010

5th blogoversary!

  Today is my fifth blogging anniversary. I started reading Andrea's blog in 2004, I wondered what is a blog? she was writing her masters dissertation on blogging. After a while, I thought to myself, " This is pretty cool, I want to do this."

 So back in 2005 I joined the masses on Myspace and discovered  there was a blog feature. So I started writing blogs about life around my house. One month into blogging it became a powerful tool in my life. My Grandmother got sick and passed away, six weeks later Grandpa passed away and my mom had a tumor removed. It got me through what was then, the hardest time in my life. Back then, my cousin Andy, My cousin Jill and my friends from high school Lenice and Ruben were my faithful readers. Poor Lenice, she read blogs about my grandparents dying for at least a year.

  I was doing well over there but not everyone had a Myspace. Through Andrea's blog, I met Di and started reading her blog on Blogger. So I decided to move my blog over here so the masses could read. Really, it killed my readership but gave me more options and features.

  As time has gone on, it has become a book on grief, a childhood memoir for my kids, a book on the wait for Marty's  transplant. Somewhere in there I am slowly writing a autobiography of sorts of myself. I have made two wonderful friends, been able to learn a new hobby and share our life with those around us.

I went from being a poor writer with poor grammar to a slightly better writer with hopefully better grammar. I can go back, read old blogs and see the difference. I am actually trying to go back and edit the older posts for structure and punctuation.

 Thanks to everyone who supports me in this endeavor, I always love hearing " I read your blog!" and getting comments with advice or support.

I always love reading blogs from start to finish here is the link to My very first blog