Saturday, November 6, 2010

Product review: Keurig platinum brewer

 A few years ago, my Dad told me about this coffee maker at his work. He said all you do is pick your flavor and pop in the little cup and press brew. I had a pod coffeemaker at the time and thought that was what he was talking about. He wasn't, he was talking about a Keurig which was being sold for industrial use at the time.

Fast forward four years later and everyone was talking about the Keurig. I tried it once at a homeschool family's home and loved it. Marty was disillusioned after my short lived coffee pod maker and thought it was a waste of money since the other was short lived.

Finally this year for my birthday he bought me a Keurig Platinum brewer from Costco which comes with the my K-cup and 60 k-cups to try out.

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 I love it!!! Hot coffee brewed in about 30 seconds. Since I am the only coffee drinker in the house and typically only drink two cups a day, this saves on waste. I used to constantly be dumping coffee in my garden and cleaning the pot. Now all I do is pop in a K- cup and hit brew.

  There are many different kinds of K-cups and many places to buy them. So far Bed,Bath and Beyond is where I have been buying mine. The typical cost is seven to ten dollars a box at most places. I have bought some on sale a Target and I did find regular Folgers brand at my local grocery store for about six dollars. I know many people who buy them online but so far, I haven't tried that. Photobucket So far my favorite brand is Green Mountain Coffee Nantucket blend and Donut House Decaf. Right now I am using Donut House cinnamon roll and Gloria Jean's pumpkin spice. I really haven't had too many flavors that I didn't like. I highly recommend buying one of these brewers, they are worth the investment and truly the new breed of coffee makers. No mess, no waste and hot coffee in seconds.