Monday, September 25, 2006

WARNING*Don't read if you are tired of hearing about my dead grandparents

Well I woke up yesterday and I felt like the fog had lifted and it was a good day. I didnt feel so depressed about everything in life and felt just different. It was good and I feel like life is moving on now for me. It is hard because most of my family is still waiting for things to be tied up with the house so they don't have the finality yet. But for me after I left last time I knew I wasnt going back there again. Now I know that the holidays are coming and the bandaid is coming off again soon enough but for now things are good. Then the best thing happened after all that I saw grandma in my dream last night. First time since she has been gone and it was nice.....

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

30 yrs old

Damn! my 20's flew by and now I am in a whole other age bracket. I can't believe I am 30something now. I can't believe it and I hope that they are great years of my life. I know my 20's was a very hard learning time for me. I hope that I can enjoy my family because time is flying in 10yrs I will be 40 and Conner will be 18 so this is the last frontier with him and Elizabeth lucky me ( I am not so thrilled about this one) will be 16 *says faciously* I cant wait for that.

Oh well, at least I havent found gray hair like Marty*hahaha*