Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy Birthday Cousin Series: Happy Birthday Lacey!

The first installment in 2013 goes to one of my younger cousins Lacey Jae. I remember when Lacey was born in the beginning of 1991. I was in high school and remember being excited that we had a new baby cousin. She lived far away and we didn't get to see her for a really long time.

My memories of Lacey are of her sweet, cherubic face. She was the cutest little girl!
Our own little Shirley Temple

Lacey and Barney
Lacey on my wedding day

Lacey on her first day of school

Lacey sitting on Sarah and Brianne's lap

Age and distance really prevented me from really knowing Lacey well until the invention of Myspace. Lacey and I have gotten to know each other via the internet as adults. We both love to read and had our very own Twilight book club via chat. We love to talk about music and tend to like the same kind of music. It has been fun becoming friends and knowing each other better. 

As Lacey gets older, she looks more and more like my Grandpa's family. I think out of all of us cousins she looks the most like a true Brown. I even was showing my cousin Sarah pictures this morning while writing up this blog and she couldn't believe how much Lacey looked like our Grandpa's sister Leona

Our Grandpa's sister Leona.Crazy resemblance to Lacey


She looks like my Grandpa's sisters especially Leona and Eloise. Really amazing when I look at the pictures to see how strong our family genes are.

Lacey on the left

It's been fun watching Lacey grow up and turn into a lovely young woman. She is a very talented cake decorator and just a joy of a personality. She makes me laugh all the time with her witty ways.

Happy birthday Lacey, I cannot wait to move to TN and get to know you even better. Much love, Julie