Monday, January 21, 2013

Tennessee or Bust 2013:Controlled Chaos

We are very simple people who live a very simple life. We are homebodies who love being at home with our family occasionally traveling to visit family or friends. We love when friends and family come to visit us and have been told they love coming to our peaceful home.

Lately life has turned into controlled chaos. The kids are teenagers loving to bicker, Max our eleven year old neurotic dog is anxious because we are packing. I am packing, making phone calls, keeping on top of homeschooling, making appointments and trying to make arrangements for our move. On top of all of that, Marty and I are both working full time plus to fund the move. Life is really chaotic.

My parents barely saw me at Christmas, I worked their entire visit. My cousin Sarah came to visit and I had to work the whole visit. This weekend our friends Lindsey and Rob came to visit, I had to work around their visit. I think everyone now can see, it is time for us to move and simplify once again.

Really looking forward to the actual move itself. Taking the kids on a cross country road trip is a dream come true. I grew up making them with my family and cannot wait for Marty and the kids to have the experience. We are making a couple of stops along the way to see friends and some important sites.

Most of all I am just ready to be done with it all. The move will seem like a breeze compared to the planning stage. Excited to finally quit talking about it and just be done with it.

We got some great news two weeks ago, just so happens that my friend/new boss Lee found a rental for us. His Dad's renters are moving out just two weeks before we are moving to TN. It is a great location and exactly what we were looking for! On top of that, we got a notice that our Landlord here has been foreclosed upon and we are getting paid to move out. The amount was the cost of our moving truck! Everything is just falling into place. I have stopped worrying because I know everything will work out and so far it has!

Now the hard part begins, trying to see our close friends and family before we leave. Saying goodbye to our church family and co-workers. You can guarantee that I will have a very teary next three weeks saying goodbye to everyone. We will never be ready to say goodbye and particularly E is sad to leave her friends behind. We even took a farewell trip to the Sequoias with our friends Lindsey and Rob.

So much going on, little time to blog, call friends or even text. Bear with me this next month or so, if I seem distant it is just because I am overwhelmed.

Looking forward to a simple kind of life in Tennessee!