Friday, February 3, 2012

Guest Blogger: Swanky Baby

Today's guest blogger is from She used to be my co-worker and has a super successful blog. She has been so kind to give me advice and tips over the last few months. So grateful for her support. Be sure to check out her site Swanky Baby for great tips,articles, polls and reviews for the Swanky Mom with young kids. 

This hilarious author Amber Dusick, from the, wrote this cute list of things she (and all of us did) as a kid, but you won't see kids doing anymore.  I know you will all relate to this, and hopefully laugh too!! The illustrations come from her article, but the commentary from me. 

No Seat Belts
I have the best memories of my brother and I jumping from the back seat to the back
3rd fold up seat of the station wagon while driving down the road. 
Don't forget getting to sit in the back of truck beds too!! That was the best!
 I think I would flip out if my Swanky Baby even tried to undo one of her seatbelt straps today.

No Helmets
I think we rode our skateboards while holding on to the back of a friends bike, although we would have used a red wagon if we had one!  Oh, and sitting on the handle bars of a bike was considered cool, not unsafe! I do have a fun memory of riding my bike too fast, falling face first on the sidewalk and ending up at my dr. due to a little mishap with my braces and my lips. Ahh good times, maybe a helmet would have helped.

Flying attempts
This makes me laugh because I remember all the kids in the playground doing this!!

We all had freedom as kids that our Swanky Babies will never know.  The author wrote how she would just wander the neighborhood all day and we did too.  We rode our bikes around the neighborhood, played at the park and walked to the bus stop with out parent supervision.  We were gone all day and came home when Mom called us in for dinner.

Do these bring back some fun memories of your childhood?  Please share what were your fun times that you wouldn't let your kids do HERE.  Illustrations are welcome too! ha!
If you would like to see more things that she did as a kid, please click HERE.