Friday, June 21, 2013

25 Years Later

 True to my luck since the reunion, this wasn't the year for them to tour and me be able to go. We just relocated cross country to Tennessee and Marty isn't working. There was no way that I could try to go to a show. I was sad more about missing out on going to shows with my best friend and fan friends than anything.

 For me, being a New Kids fan has always been about loving them with friends. From my oldest friend Christena, my cousin Rissa, my friend Tanya to my best friend Andrea, I've always have loved seeing them with friends.

A little over a month ago, I got a message from a fan friend that I made on Twitter via AB and A2. She asked me what I was doing on June 20th? I said, '' I don't know? What is June 20th?" She told me, '' You're going to see NKOTB in Atlanta!'' que the screeching record................

She had an extra ticket and wanted me to have it as a gift. I was floored, humbled, honored and blessed by the gesture. I couldn't believe that I was going to see a show this year. After all that last year held, I had been fine missing out this year. Like I said, I was sadder to be missing out on the friend aspect of things.

Yesterday, I drove to Atlanta giddy and excited. I was going to see New Kids once again. I was going by myself which worried Marty. I explained to him that there is a sisterhood in NKOTB world, I wouldn't be alone and had several people going that I knew.

My seat was amazing!!! On the floor, eight rows back on the aisle. That was the closest seat I've ever had for a New Kids show ( I've only been to two in 90'&91) with seating. So I was thrilled, my benefactress asked if my seat was good? ''AMAZING'' I told her as I hugged her before the show.

Me and Flat Andrea!

Happy Jules wearing a necklace given to me by my friend Lindsey aka LL Fancy

I sat down next to a pretty blonde girl named Christina, who explained to me that she was alone as well. Her friend was unable to come with her. We chit chatted a bit before the show started the usual ''Who is your favorite?" "How many shows have you been to?" fan pleasantries. Funny how God works those things out isn't it? Suddenly I didn't feel alone at all!

It was during this time, I also saw my local Blockhead friends Melanie and Sheree. They came to check on me and make sure they kept me company. They are so sweet, we've only met in person for lunch once but I already feel like they are dear friends.

In the 90's after NK's split, I was a punk rock grunge girl. So I never was a Boyz II Men fan, going to high school in the 90's meant I knew their songs regardless. What an amazing show they put on truly should have been longer than it was.

98* played. They aren't favorites of mine, I actually laughed hysterically causing my seatmate to ask me what was so funny. There is a long inside joke story with that, sufficient to say it has caused me to laugh everytime I see Drew and Nick Lachey.

Hey lookie, I got my picture with Drew and Nick too!

After their show, I was able to run upstairs and see the famous Mandy Young. She's a wonderful girl that Andrea introduced me to. We are friends connected by a common friend of many friends. She is amazing, I could see her from my seat on the floor and loved watching her joie d'vivre from afar.

On my way back to my seat, I ran into a tweep of mine Sarah ( @auntsay), to say I was happy to see her is an understatement. I nearly started bawling!

Finally it was time for New Kids. There are some former teen bands that play and just look paunchy and embarrassing.

 NKOTB, they are only getting better with age. It is like they've got their own fountain of youth on their bus!

I loved the opening to the show. They have a pledge that flashed across the screen, really some amazing words encouraging you to have fun for the next two hours.

In a truly wonderful piece of fate, I happened to be sitting on the side that Joe performed on for most of the night. As a ''Joe Girl'', I was in heaven watching him be the showman that he is.

 During ''Please Don't Go Girl" I started sobbing. I missed my friends and suddenly felt very alone in a room of thousands.

As an adult, this song always makes me cry. It was the song that made me love New Kids

Then one of my favorite moments of the show happened, Joe sang ''I'll Be There'' a song that I first heard him sing at my very first NKOTB show in 1990. It was then my moment of self awareness happened, the first time I ever saw Joe was on MTV by myself at home.

 I was a New Kids fan before I had friends that were fans as well. This night was for me to celebrate being a fan for twenty five years, getting to watch them live again something I didn't think was possible this year.

The New Kids and their fans have a special relationship that has been described as ''not normal''. They love their fans as much as we love them. Over and over Donnie kept repeating '' This night is about celebrating 25 years.''

 The rest of the show, I celebrated right along with the crowd.  It truly was a night of celebrating the new album, old songs, and even them covering some popular 90's songs. Joe singing ''Faith'' by George Michael was amazing as was Jordan singing ''Kiss'' by Prince.

It was like it was ''my'' own personal time with the band. Just me and them in a room of thousands, it was my memories flooding through my head to the songs and remembering all the band has brought into my life.

In the last year, I've become a Danny girl too!

The whole show was amazing, the singing, the lighting, the songs and the showmanship!

I love watching Jordan, he reminds me of my friend A2

Christina and I chit chatted, jumped up and down, sang, screamed along with the crowd. At the very end of the show, when the band was saying their goodbyes to the crowd, they were walking around the stage waving, shaking hands with the crowd before exiting the stage. Joe walked over to our side, as he walked over I waved to him.

It just so happened to catch his eye, he looked right at me and blew me a kiss! If I could have fallen over, I probably would've. I blew him a kiss back and the moment ended. I wondered instantly, ''Did that just really happen?'' only to be grabbed by my seat mate, ''That was amazing, it was like the seas parted and you were the only two in the room!!! I am so happy for you!! I hope someone got that on video!!!'' while grabbing me in a giant hug.

It was the perfect ending to a wonderful night! I am a lucky girl, so many of my friends haven't seen them, so many they haven't seen them since the reunion. I not only have seen them but had mountain top experiences to boot. It was also a huge learning experience for me personally, I can go alone and have fun. This move is about making new friends while learning to live apart from old friends. In the end, it was about a girl who loved a band since she was twelve and loves them even more at 36.



Thank you to my ticket giver, you're a wonderful women with a kind heart. I will never be able to express my gratitude. My only sadness from last night is we didn't get a picture together!

Christina, I truly believe you were a blessing! I loved watching the show with you and chatting throughout. What a wonderful memory!

Sheree and Melanie, How lucky was I to move and become your ''neighbor''. You two are the best, I absolutely adore you. Thank you for coming to check on me throughout the night and making sure that I had a good time. I cannot say enough about you.

Sarah, I am so thankful for you and your smiling face. Thanks for checking on me too!

AB, Thank you for everything this week. Thanks for riding home with me and listening to my after show incoherent babble!

LL, Thank you as well. Thanks for listening to me and always giving a kind word when needed.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Time for a Tennessee Update

 It's been far too long, we've settled in, working, meeting new people and making new friends. I forget that not everyone knows what is going on since we moved and that I need to share more details. Life has gotten busy again and I've had little time to sit down to write.

Where to begin? The kids have started making friends. Conner being the happy--go-lucky guy has a whole group of friends already. He is running sound on Wednesday nights in his new youth group. He also likes to talk to everyone on the phone. We laugh that he talks on the phone more than I do anymore!

  Elizabeth has been really homesick. She misses her friends in Visalia badly and hasn't made good friends yet. We are looking for new fall activities, groups for her to join and ways for her to make new friends. She has made some friends in her small group on Sunday nights.

  Both kids went to "Beach Camp'' in Myrtle Beach,SC for a week. They stayed in a resort by the ocean, swam in the Atlantic for the first time and had a grand time.  Now the planning for that is over and E is already looking for new plans!

  Marty interviewed for a job last week with Knox County schools as a school police officer. We should know within the next few weeks if they will hire him. We are really hoping he gets this job!

  I've been working full-time, trying to keep up with home, my own business and blogging! It's a full schedule. Being back in the pool has really helped, loving swimming again. Now to get back on a good riding schedule with the family.

  We are all excited about our new church, a little church in the WWII city of Oakridge,TN. It is a very small congregation with a lot of love. We already feel like they are family and it is our home. It the same denomination our church was in California. That is comforting since we hear about many of the same things we did in California. We've been to several functions, dinner with the pastor and he even took the kids out after camp to hear about their time in Myrtle Beach. We are excited to see how we can serve with this church in the future.

Meeting new people, enjoying new beautiful places, making new friends. We are so thankful that we moved here and are settling in to our new life. We still have to a few things to settle but for the most part, we are loving life in the south.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Better Together

 The sky is blue, the grass is green, the air is steamy which means summer has arrived in the south.  Suddenly life is a fury of activity. Last weekend we traveled to Chattanooga to watch cycling and camp.

  Sunday we dropped our kids off for beach camp. I love the activities of summer while they are happening, so much fun to enjoy the warm weather and exciting trips.

Of course, you come home from the activities and the chore that is never finished awaits.....the dreaded laundry

Of course, after camping clothes smell like campfire and are stained with dirt and grime. The kids clothes were full of sand and sunscreen. Plus, they are stinky teenagers now!

 Good thing this week, I had help from P&G doing my laundry. There is something about Tide,Downy and Bounce together that make the smells of summer so much better!

A few weeks ago, one of my blog readers and Twitter friend Auntie Em asked me "What is your favorite color and why?"

During the summer, my favorite color to wear is navy blue. For some reason, navy blue screams classic, summer and put together to me. Maybe because I am an old soul, I love a traditional color? I am not sure why I love navy and white so much?

I own so many navy blue and white shirts that it really is intervention worthy. When I'm shopping my eye always wanders to the navy blue shorts and flowing white tops. Being a native Californian, I live in flip flops all summer long until the cold sets in. This summer I have a new favorite pair of white leather sandals that I am pairing with everything.

My Favorite Navy Blue and White top with dark denim capris 

Simple denim dress with flip flops for errands or summer lunch meetings

This summer, I am trying to break free from my go to navy blue and bring in some color. I will never get away from white flowy tops but I can bring in a different color short. My first foray away from navy, denim or khaki

A bright turquoise pair of shorts with a flowing white top

Some things like Tide,Bounce and Downy go better together. They are classic like my standard navy blue and never fail to make my clothes look even nicer. Plus, they smell great and bring back memories of summers gone by. Just like those go great together, I know that navy blue and white work for me, why try something new when the classics work so well?

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