Sunday, June 2, 2013

Better Together

 The sky is blue, the grass is green, the air is steamy which means summer has arrived in the south.  Suddenly life is a fury of activity. Last weekend we traveled to Chattanooga to watch cycling and camp.

  Sunday we dropped our kids off for beach camp. I love the activities of summer while they are happening, so much fun to enjoy the warm weather and exciting trips.

Of course, you come home from the activities and the chore that is never finished awaits.....the dreaded laundry

Of course, after camping clothes smell like campfire and are stained with dirt and grime. The kids clothes were full of sand and sunscreen. Plus, they are stinky teenagers now!

 Good thing this week, I had help from P&G doing my laundry. There is something about Tide,Downy and Bounce together that make the smells of summer so much better!

A few weeks ago, one of my blog readers and Twitter friend Auntie Em asked me "What is your favorite color and why?"

During the summer, my favorite color to wear is navy blue. For some reason, navy blue screams classic, summer and put together to me. Maybe because I am an old soul, I love a traditional color? I am not sure why I love navy and white so much?

I own so many navy blue and white shirts that it really is intervention worthy. When I'm shopping my eye always wanders to the navy blue shorts and flowing white tops. Being a native Californian, I live in flip flops all summer long until the cold sets in. This summer I have a new favorite pair of white leather sandals that I am pairing with everything.

My Favorite Navy Blue and White top with dark denim capris 

Simple denim dress with flip flops for errands or summer lunch meetings

This summer, I am trying to break free from my go to navy blue and bring in some color. I will never get away from white flowy tops but I can bring in a different color short. My first foray away from navy, denim or khaki

A bright turquoise pair of shorts with a flowing white top

Some things like Tide,Bounce and Downy go better together. They are classic like my standard navy blue and never fail to make my clothes look even nicer. Plus, they smell great and bring back memories of summers gone by. Just like those go great together, I know that navy blue and white work for me, why try something new when the classics work so well?

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