Thursday, June 13, 2013

Time for a Tennessee Update

 It's been far too long, we've settled in, working, meeting new people and making new friends. I forget that not everyone knows what is going on since we moved and that I need to share more details. Life has gotten busy again and I've had little time to sit down to write.

Where to begin? The kids have started making friends. Conner being the happy--go-lucky guy has a whole group of friends already. He is running sound on Wednesday nights in his new youth group. He also likes to talk to everyone on the phone. We laugh that he talks on the phone more than I do anymore!

  Elizabeth has been really homesick. She misses her friends in Visalia badly and hasn't made good friends yet. We are looking for new fall activities, groups for her to join and ways for her to make new friends. She has made some friends in her small group on Sunday nights.

  Both kids went to "Beach Camp'' in Myrtle Beach,SC for a week. They stayed in a resort by the ocean, swam in the Atlantic for the first time and had a grand time.  Now the planning for that is over and E is already looking for new plans!

  Marty interviewed for a job last week with Knox County schools as a school police officer. We should know within the next few weeks if they will hire him. We are really hoping he gets this job!

  I've been working full-time, trying to keep up with home, my own business and blogging! It's a full schedule. Being back in the pool has really helped, loving swimming again. Now to get back on a good riding schedule with the family.

  We are all excited about our new church, a little church in the WWII city of Oakridge,TN. It is a very small congregation with a lot of love. We already feel like they are family and it is our home. It the same denomination our church was in California. That is comforting since we hear about many of the same things we did in California. We've been to several functions, dinner with the pastor and he even took the kids out after camp to hear about their time in Myrtle Beach. We are excited to see how we can serve with this church in the future.

Meeting new people, enjoying new beautiful places, making new friends. We are so thankful that we moved here and are settling in to our new life. We still have to a few things to settle but for the most part, we are loving life in the south.