Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Prayers for July

For a few months now, I have been feeling a strong urge to pray for the transplant to happen in July. Marty and I have both had a urge like this before in the fall of 2008 but nothing happened.

  So I have been very leery of sharing or saying anything like this. Since then we haven't felt anything but now July. It's just me, but I thought that I would ask people to pray together with us. We know prayer changes things and that where one or more gather in prayer, there can be change. So please pray for the donor, the family and for a perfect match. Nothing might happen but it is worth focusing our prayers on it and waiting to see what happens. I think that we are both tired and ready for life to re-start, we are ready to move on and enjoy life again.

 Philippians 4:6 6Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's day Dad!

 I don't usually write about my family too much besides Marty and the kids. But I wanted to do something special for my Dad for Father's day this year. He loves to read my blog and he even joined Facebook to keep up with me. I couldn't think of a better thing to do than pay tribute publically to my Dad this Father's day.

  We have a mutual admiration society, my Dad and I only the two of us belong. We have always been close my whole life. We are a lot alike in so many ways, that's why we get along so well.  My earliest memories consist of my Dad rocking me to sleep every night, while singing to me. He would sing two songs every night, the same two songs. Red River Valley and Tammy, his sister's always joke that I went to sleep out of self defense. You can hear the songs playing as you read the blog, brings back great memories.


As I grew up, some of my most favorite memories are of going to work with him on Saturdays. Sometimes he would be refinishing a dance studio floor or working in a large home in Coldwater Canyon. I just liked to go, help him and most of all just spend time with him. I have always been a daddy's girl.


I like that picture, me, Dad and his beloved Budwieser! He loved taking us places, camping and seeing the country. He loved teaching us about the California missions and took us to see almost all of them. Our favorite is La Purisma outside of Buellton, we call it "our mission". He drove us across country just like his dad drove them across country.


  He often was the coolest dad on the block because he was always willing to take us and do fun things. He once took me and two friends to see New Kids On The Block and sat in the concert with thousands of screaming girls. He even once drove Christena Pinkerton and I into LA to see Andrea at her job because she wanted to go! Every weekend he would drive Carrie and I from concert to concert, once driving us out to Devore and sitting there with my Gramps for the duration of the show. He taught me about faith, showing me how to serve the Lord through his service to the Lord. He always made sure we went to Catechism and Mass.


   I think this is my all time favorite picture of us together. He gave Marty and I, such a nice wedding day. He supported me, even if he really did think I was too young. What a beautiful day that was, he was by my side the whole day. One time in high school, he and I went to see Father Of the Bride together, just us. I picked the song "The Way You Look Tonight" to dance with together from that movie. Marty's dad died just 11 months later. I know he has tried to fill the role as Dad to both of us. Very often, Marty asks me " When is your Dad coming to see us?" or "Call your Dad and tell him to come visit". He has been a really good support to both of us in our lives.

  He is a good brother to his sisters and brother, very often helping them complete home improvement projects with his brother in law's. He was a good son to his parents, caring for them until the end. He is a good friend, very often helping a friend out on the weekend. With all those things, there is one place he is even better.

  He is a GREAT grandpa to my kids and it is no secret his grandchildren are the apple of his eye. Conner is his little mini me, to the point it is kind of scary. He understands Elizabeth and always tries to keep up with her little world. He is always coming to their events, making sure they do good in school and just having fun with them. This picture is from when he was living on the Big Island of Hawaii and we went to visit him. The kids have such fond memories of their trip to see him and I think it is their favorite memory of Grandpa.


  Just last weekend, I got a rare opportunity to spend one on one time with my Dad. We got to go out to lunch together while the kids went to a party and Marty worked. It was a nice early Father's day celebration since we won't be together today. Thanks for loving us and being a faithful Dad. You mean the world to our little family and even though we aren't together today, know you are loved and appreciated by us. It hasn't always been easy or good, but through it all we have stuck together.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Because everyone loves a good Connerism

Not part of my four blogs in my head, but so funny I have to share it!

Conner came rolling out of bed at 9:15 this morning, groggy and quiet. Marty and I were laughing at him because it was pretty funny. He thought we were giving him a hard time about what time he got up. We weren't, we really were just laughing at his demeanor.

Conner says, "What? I can't help it when I get up, I don't wake myself up...........my body wakes me up."

Sometimes there are just no words!!!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Long story short, nothing has changed

 I have about five blogs floating around in my head right now, so many things to share with everyone. I figured, most people want a update on Marty.

 Nothing has changed, he isn't any better, he isn't any worse. He is the same and we haven't heard one thing from Stanford. It is frustrating to not know what to do with them and frustrating to wait. He is tired, he sleeps most of the time he is home and the other waking hours are spent working. He has been working a ton of overtime lately to help make up for the furloughs. I don't know how he does it, I really don't! He really just amazes me and those around us with his determination. Of course, I worry about him but I ultimately know he is going to do, what he is going to do.

All of the crazy work does affect his bloodwork and the nurse wasn't to pleased this month. All of his levels were elevated and that isn't a good thing. The levels that needed to be elevated were too low, so over all his blood work is a mess. So I am sure we will be hearing from Dr. H next time we go in.

 Pretty much life has come to a stand still. He works, we stay home to make sure he gets his four treatments a day, not time to do much else besides that. Can't really leave because I have to be home every two- three hours for a treatment. We have so many things we want to do or see, but that is all on hold. Even getting together with friends is on hold for the most part. Work and dialysis, that is what Marty's life consists of these days.

Would you join us or keep pray for a transplant this summer? pray the right donor comes along and answers our prayer for a transplant. We are waiting, wondering what is going on in that persons life right now? Wondering what more God has for us to learn from this? Wondering if things will ever change?

Nothing new, nothing different, really nothing to report at all. If I seem kind of quiet lately, well that is because I am, there is nothing to say that hasn't been said before.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

OC Supertones Reunite!

The Friday morning before Mother's day Marty came home from work and told me, "Guess what I heard on the radio this morning?" to which I replied, "What did you hear?" and then he told me, " The OC Supertones are reuniting for a tour." and I guess that I screamed so loud, I woke my kids up.

   What's the big deal you say? Well, I love all ska and have since I was very young. I spent my weekend going to shows including following No Doubt from club to club before they hit it big. In 1998 I turned my life over to Christ and found the OC Supertones. They combined two things that I love Jesus and Ska. The next cool thing is, I grew up in Orange County and they even sing a song that describes my youth in the OC ( Jury Duty). I first saw them live in 2001 when they were touring with the Festival Con Dios. After they disbanded in 2005, things haven't been the same. A good friend of ours heard the same news on his way home from work. He knew of my great love for them and decided something good should happen to our family. He knows things have been rough and wanted to bless us. His family gave us four VIP tickets to see the Supertones in Bakersfield. Not only would we get to see them, we would get to meet them too!

 We were given four cd's as part of the package and were able to have the Supertones sign them for us. Image and video hosting by TinyPic

 We were given VIP seating and access to the pit. When the show started the band came out to "Reunited" by Peaches and Herb. It was hilarious, they went around and shook everyone's hand in the pit. Then the fun began, as always Mojo's dance moves were infectious and I started skanking for the first time in years. My kids looked at me as if I had lost my mind and who was I and what did I do with their mother. Eventually our son joined me in skanking and jumping. Elizabeth did join her brother in a crowd surfing adventure. Image and video hosting by TinyPic
 In the middle of the show, they did a worship set. They said they wanted to give Glory to God during this tour. It was a huge deal for our family, usually Marty is playing worship and we never get to worship together. So for me to be able to worship God with my husband was huge. I was teary eyed by the end. I felt such a renewal and renergizing from the Lord. Everyone knows that I have really been struggling as we walk through the valley of sickness with Marty. So to let loose and have fun, while worshipping God was a truly amazing blessing.

   They ended the show, came back out and played three songs. I can tell you three songs wasn't enough for the crowd, we could have kept going. It was if no time had passed at all and they had never been apart. What a truly amazing experience it was for them and their fans. I hope this isn't the last time I see them, but if it is, I will truly treasure the memory. Thanks Supertones!

 PS I was so sore for two days from having so much fun jumping and dancing!

  Image and video hosting by TinyPic

  Be sure to click on my title and visit the Track The Tones blog to see if they will be playing near you.