Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Tibits 2012

I've been steadily organizing old blogs. Mainly the blogs relating to Marty's renal failure, transplant wait and transplant. The other day while going through blogs, I found one that hadn't been published and published it. Unfortunately, I wasn't thinking and it published as a new blog because I didn't back date it.

A friend asked me if Marty was okay? and I was mystified until she explained she read my blog and was worried. Marty is just fine! His health is still good and there are no problems right now. In fact, Stanford just called yesterday with his bloodwork and all is well.

The kids are still doing very well in school in 2012. The progress they are making is really good and next year we will be starting high school with Conner and junior. high with Elizabeth. Time flies, seems like just yesterday we started homeschooling.

Still swimming and working out. I was offered a coaching position with the swim team and I am going to take it. I love being back in the water and each day I feel stronger and stronger. I've been enjoying getting fit and learning about fitness and healthy living.

Life isn't much different in 2012 the major change is Marty is well and that makes life even sweeter. Sorry if I worried any of you with my little blogging mistake. Hopefully soon I will be done organizing and can see the benefits of my work.