Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Almost spring

It feels like spring most days here in V-town. Conner has started baseball again and so far the new team seems much better. We like the new coaches and families we have been placed with this year. Except for the fact, that I think the person who stole our American Girl doll is on the team again. Actually it is another child of her's but I think she is the one who stole it.  Oh well, it's just a thing and God wants us to forgive, I think he wants me to practice that.

E has been E, still messy as ever. She keeps asking me for a savings bond, apparently she saw this on t.v, and thinks it will give her endless riches. She is funny, now she catches all the crazy things Conner says and often laughs along with Marty and I. Last week he called her a "Cinco de Mayo" and she came up to me and said "I don't think he knows that's a holiday." it was pretty funny.

School has been going amazingly  well and both kids are making progress. No doubt they are trying to earn their prizes Grandpa bought them. E is working on earning a American Girl doll and C is working on a pre-paid cell phone. Not my idea, that was my Dad's idea and he didn't ask permission. Good thing it is pre-paid and I don't have to foot the bill.

E was asking lots of questions about babies tonight. It was a pretty cute conversation and I hope I answered her questions.

Conner went to camp this weekend and wore himself out. He came home and told his dad all about the band they had there. He was talking bass with the bass player and told us "the drummer is a recovering Canadian." whatever that means.  He said he stopped two boys from fighting and that was sweet.  He brought us home all something from the little store. He did buy himself a wallet, a "nice" wallet. It was a expensive wallet, costing him 12.99 of his money.

Just thought I would update you on the world of Conner and Elizabeth.