Saturday, December 1, 2012

Guest Blogger Lori: Jordan Hill "Someday at Christmas" Interview

My Super reader Lori asked me if she could do another guest blog for Just Jules and I agreed quickly. She has quickly become a great asset to this blog and I would do anything for her. She wanted to help one of her favorite musicians promote her new Christmas single and do a interview. A big thanks to Lori and Jordan Hill for giving me this opportunity. Check out Lori's interview after the picture

You may know of Jordan Hill from her song "Remember Me This Way" from the Casper movie soundtrack (you know, that song that "real life" Casper danced with Kat to?). It's always been one of my favorite songs!

That song feels like a lifetime ago, but I've personally kept up with Jordan's career since way back then. These days with the power of the Internet, independent artists such as Jordan Hill have gained the ability to keep in touch with their fans, whether they are working on a new album, sharing new tracks or planning a gig, it's amazing how the Internet has allowed these artists to keep their fans informed and up to date!

Over the years, she has worked on putting out new material and a new album, and that time will be coming very soon, but in the meantime she has recorded a Christmas track to release first - "Someday At Christmas".

"Someday At Christmas" is a cover of Stevie Wonder hit Christmas song and is available to for purchase on iTunes, with all proceeds being donated to Children's charities!

I got to ask Jordan a few questions about the track, Someday At Christmas, and her NEW upcoming Pop album coming out in 2013 - check it out!

Me: I'm guessing that Christmas is favorite holiday - what do you love about the Christmas season?

Jordan: Yes it is!! I love everything about Christmas! The decorations, the music and the excitement and happiness that everyone feels during that time of year! I really love seeing the joy of giving. That's the best part. When you see someone so excited to give, or when you  see someone so appreciative when they receive.

Me: Do you have a favorite Christmas tradition?

Jordan: Christmas Eve has always been a BIG deal in my family. We do it up BIG! There are 60 plus family members that get dressed up and enjoy an amazing sit down dinner together. We  read the Christmas story, play games, open presents, and have a huge fireworks display! Christmas Eve is my favorite night of the year! I love being able to see my family together and happy!  Its so special!

Me: What made you choose this song specifically to cover?
Jordan: Well "Someday At Christmas" has always been one of my FAVORITE Christmas songs! It was originally recorded by Stevie Wonder. And I am a huge fan of the Motown Era. So I just had to record this song!

Me: Which charities are you planning to donate the proceeds to?

Jordan: We are working with  The Children's Angel Tree, Children's Hospital, Childhelp USA, and St Jude's.

Me: What artists or music inspire the music you create yourself?

Jordan: I am a HUGE fan of all music! I listen to just about everything from Pop, rock, R&B,Gospel and Classical. I would say the artists that most influenced me are Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey.

Me: When did you start singing / when did you know that it is what you want to do with your life?

Jordan: I have been singing my entire life! lol I cant remember when I wasn't sing! We have recordings of me from when i was less than a year old and I was singing full songs before I could speak full sentences. I just connected with music from an early age. The first time  performed in front of an audience I was 5. I remember how excited I was! And when I got off the stage, I knew from that moment on.... I was going to sing and entertain people for the rest of my life.

Me: How would you best describe the type of music that your upcoming album will be?

Jordan:  My new album will be a combination of different styles. Pop,R&B and Rock. I like to call it universal, because there is something for everyone!

Me: When might we expect the first single from the album?

Jordan:   We are shooting for Summer of 2013 ! I cant wait for everyone to hear it! This has been a long time coming and I'm so proud of the music! It's the best music I've ever recorded!

There you have it!

Jordan's song "Someday At Christmas" is available now on iTunes and Amazon. She is also releasing a  version of  "This Christmas" on December 1 ,that will also be available for Download on Itunes!

By downloading a copy of "Someday At Christmas", you can have a chance to win a FREE IPAD MINI! Email your full name, and proof of purchase from Itunes of "Someday At Christmas", to Enter@ to be entered! A winner will be chosen on January 1, 2013.          
  Here's the link to Download "SOMEDAY AT CHRISTMAS"  NOW!!   Someday at Christmas - iTunes

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A huge thank you to Jordan Hill for being a part of Just Jules!

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