Monday, February 19, 2007

The Cousins

Since I have been thinking alot about this today:

I guess I grew up in such a different way of life than most people. My dad's family was a central part of my growing up and a huge part of my life still today. My grandparents have 5 children who 3 out of five have 3 children, one has two and the other 4. I am the oldest of 14 grandchildren that 11 of that girls! 3 boys one of which is younger than my own son. That being explained if you can imagine we spent every weekend together for the better part of our formative years. This would mean friday night pizza,pizza and TGIF. Then saturday consisted of swimming in the pool or playing some made up something( lots of Kids Inc.) and then spending sat night at someone's house and then back to grandma and grandpa's on Sunday for more of the same playing and swimming and of course eating food all buffet style and sitting at the pinic table out back. Granted most people see there cousins on holidays and family occasions and maybe the summer reunion( we never have had those because we never had a need too)

Now there are a bunch of us girls that are very close in age and are more like sisters than cousins. We fought, got mad, made up and played like crazy. Then there is the KING the long awaited boy who mostly was made to play like a girl and fought hard to retain his manhood in the girl enviroment. Then his two buddies came along and they all played dress up together:) He won't admit that if you ask him but there is proof. Some of our cousins lived far away but we would go to visit and they would come to stay.

I was the first to marry and the first to have kids and the first to leave and move to far away. We have stayed close even despite of that and when I go to visit who are the first people to come calling my girls! I love them more than words can explain they mean so much to me when my relationship with my own sisters is so bad. So this morning when I got a call that one of them is hurt my heart hurts. We never have accidents happen in this family and people don't get hurt. I am having a hard time that my little sidekick growing up is laying in a hospital bed hurt. I am so thankful that we will have many more days together and that she will recover but it has been a reality check for sure.

To my cousins: I am so thankful for our crazy group it is something special only we share or understand and I love you more than you will ever know.