Sunday, November 16, 2008


I am just knocked flat today, my parents were both here this weekend for Conner's birthday. Most people ask if they are okay being together and the answer is "yes' and the kids love it. It is so nice for them to get to spend time with both grandparents at the same time.

We went out to eat Friday night for dinner, went to bowling and then home for Mint chocolate ice cream pie. Saturday we took the kids to bowling and then headed to the Superior Dairy in Hanford. The Superior dairy has the world's best ice cream hands down. The give huge portions meaning a small is really a large and so forth. I linked to a flickr image I found online of one dish of ice cream, that is a regular size there. Anyways, we gorged on ice cream and headed back home to relax before going to dinner. Conner insisted we go to Olive Garden because he likes the pasta fagaoli soup. After waiting a hour to be seated, we ate some more fattening food.

 This morning my mom went to my sister's house and my dad went to his favorite little seafood restaurant. We went to church and then came home to see them both off, but not before my dad took me shopping. He wanted to buy me a birthday present and ended up buying me a bunch of stuff. I got a cute new wood advent calendar, a tablecloth for Christmas and a huge new wall frame. They both left for home hoping the freeways would remain open. The fires in So.Cal had closed the major route home the day before. Then I proceeded to clean up my messy house, do laundry and grocery shop. I am exhausted and decided to share why.

I think I am going to bed now, but I didn't want to lose the challenge.