Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Bad weekend

Marty passed out on the way into work last Thursday. He drove to work and got dizzy walking in, some co-workers found him a chair and he went out in the chair. He was rushed to the hospital near his work and they found his blood sugar was over 700 and his blood pressure was 212/106.

He had still not been sleeping leading up to this episode. He had some swelling so we used the strongest strength of dialysis solution. Unfortunately that solution is high in dextrose, causing his blood sugar to soar and him to get sick. They were able to treat him in the E.R and get it down.

I was home getting ready to take Conner to baseball when the call came. It was Marty telling me he was "okay" and "don't come". I called my friend Robin who dropped everything to take me to him. His work is 65 miles from our home and quite a drive, I needed to be able to drive him home in our car. She took the kids home with her and let them stay the night. The whole way to the hospital I was texting, calling and updating my Facebook status. It was quite a eye opener to what we will face when "the call" comes someday.

We brought him home and spent the next few days trying to get him back on track. He did get some sleeping meds from the doctor yesterday that seemed to work fairly well. His blood pressure is down now and we are only working on battling the blood sugar numbers now. We are hoping to get this figured out and keep him going until he gets his transplant.

Above all we know God is in control and we are incredibly blessed. It has been amazing to see the support our friends have given us and how God has provided.