Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Caring and Giving

My friend just commented on me being a caregiver. It sounds weird to me but I guess that is what I am these days. I wish I could sit here and write happy, cheerful, joyous things but right now I cannot. I am happy, joyful and thankful for many things. At the same time I am tired, weary, worn out and trying to not worry.

Last night was a bad night, that followed a bad night the night before that. Marty has not been able to sleep well at night. This has been going on for about four days now, he lays down and gets congested. Then he feels like he is wheezing when he lays on his right side. All together not good when you are already tired. He goes to sleep and the about 2 or 3 am he gets up and is restless beyond restless. I want to help him and cannot help but wake up and try to help him. The thing is, I cannot help him because it is like trying to put a band-aid on a gapeing hole.

We have tried Tylenol P.M., Sudafed, Advil P.M. to no avail. so far. Tonight we are trying a wedge and Benadryl to see how they work. I feel so bad for him, he gets up and goes to work all day long. He gets home at 11:30 pm and sleeps until about 2 or 3 am.

After the long night, I asked for some prayer from friends and church. The good things started to happen right away this morning. First the news, his blood work came back GREAT! he can actually drop a medication now. His dialysis numbers are good and he only has to work on a couple of things.

Then the news, he is going back to working nights. While I miss him, I love that I can sleep and then help him while he sleeps. I will be much better equipped and able to function when he needs help. I think this will be better for the kids too! The have missed their dad coming to functions and spending time with them. He also will be off on Saturdays and Sundays now! So life is good all around.

We are still waiting, keep praying. Thank you for reading and taking the time to pray for us. God is at work even if we only see little bits of it, we know he is there.