Sunday, January 29, 2012

Loose pants, Planking, and Bike Geeks

It's been far to long since I updated on the goings on in our house. Seems as the kids get older, the harder time I have sharing stories about them. They are at that age when they get upset when I share stories about them on the blog. I'm navigating the teen years now, a fact I was made aware of this week.

I've been doing a plank a day challenge. I was explaining my planking to Marty and Conner overheard. He says, " Yeah, she's all into that photo planking craze now Dad!" Oh dear! When I actually showed him a plank he said, " Your supposed to lay flat" ......only from a teenager. ( if you don't know what a plank is: Planking on Youtube)

Today, I wore a skirt to church that I bought six months ago and it was loose. What a great feeling to finally start seeing some results. I came home and changed into a pair of pants that I haven't worn in two years because they were too tight. Feels really good.

We were talking to some friends after church in the parking lot. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a car with a road bike on top. Of course, I wanted to get closer and see what brand it was and what bells and whistles it had on it. Conner comes strolling up to me and my friends,  he says, " Hey Mom, did you see that road bike over there?" I turned to him and said, " Yeah, I want to go check it out." Our friends started laughing and I explained that since we've become cycling fans we are always checking out bikes. We are such bike geeks!

Elizabeth is more and more a Daddy's girl. Those two are always giggling and laughing with their wacky senses of humor. Tonight I was trying to get her to watch a movie with me and she refused per usual. I told Marty she refuses to have things in common with me. She looked at me and said, " At least Conner is like you mom. He will read Anne of Green Gables for you." Sharp witted girl.

Always a barrel of laughs around here with a pre-teen and teenager. They keep me on my toes constantly. Lately we've been fighting the battle of bickering. Somedays are long with lots of playing peace keeper as they argue over things such as "micro managing" the dog. Don't ask, I have no clue either....

Just a brief look at life inside of our house these days. We all are starting to train for our triathlons this coming spring. Conner and I are newbies and Elizabeth will be competing in her second. It should be a intense few months around here as we prepare. I will keep you posted on our progress.