Sunday, February 5, 2006

I can't think of a appropriate title

Well... It is finished Grandma has been gone a week now. It was hard going to her house and her not being there. She was the life of the house and even harder after the funeral a billion people being there and her not. It was hard going and trying to keep it together. Seeing grandpa cry was the worst most heartbraking part of it all. I think I have had my fill of Whittier for a while though and am wanting to start putting the pieces back together from the rubble. Really the rubble has more to do with my messy house and cleaning that up. I am hoping for some normalcy but am unsure if that will last long for several reasons but I am praying and that's all I can do!!!!!!! I walk by faith not by sight.. just a side note last night when I got home I thought "oh, I should call Grandma to tell her I am home." Then I remember she is gone...... I miss you Grandma and always will.