Wednesday, November 22, 2006


You get accosted in the mall shopping by people at the carts wanting you to try there wares... have news for you if I want your product I will just come up and buy it. This drove me nuts walking through the mall with Marty Yesterday.
Then I get on here as a way to keep up with family and old friends mainly and get accosted by strangers to be my friend. They think because I know someone they know that I will be there friend too. That isnt so odd and this is a public place and I choose to be on here but still I feel pressure to add and accosted at the same time.

Now for the real reason I chose to blog about this. Marty and I took Elizabeth to the park because she was whining Conner got to go with a friend and she didnt. I explained to her life isnt fair and she isnt always gonna get to go. So after she happied up she asked if we would walk her across the street to the park. So we did and about two minutes into it I see a lady walking up with two younger kids. Immediately the little girl runs up to Elizabeth and says "hello" Elizabeth ignores her in true Elizabeth fashion and upon the second hello finally says "Hi" then the mom starts jabbering endlessly to Marty and I. Now you know me and I can out talk anyone. She out talked me. So because our little girls are playing she is suddenly my new best friend asking "where do I live?" "what does Marty do" "where do your kids go to school" "oh, she lost a tooth, how old is she" "how much does Marty make at his job" YES, she actually asked him that question. Where do I go to church? Am I a Christian? Do I rent or own? How much a month do you pay for rent? Can I have your phone number? Yes, she actually wants to get together again. Then she tells me she has a mom's group and I should come to that. I told her I have one of my own plus my kids are too old for me to be in hers. As we were walking away Marty was like "What the heck was that?" I told him that isnt the first time that has happened to me at the park. I have twice been invited over to someone's house swimming from the park( I didnt go) and I have been asked for my phone number so many times it is nuts. Then I dont want to be rude or unkind and insult this person. But people wonder how bad things happen and how people and their kids bad situations. I am floored at how people will just tell you everything without knowing you. So I knew I had to blog about being accosted at the park today it was too funny. I am such a cynic!