Sunday, November 4, 2007

How Dooce saved Conner's life

As mentioned previously here we got new floor tiles. Previously to that we had the world's worst carpet that was here when we moved in this house. My dad was able to get us a good deal on carpet tile ( free) from a job he worked on. So we put it down and I love it because it is so clean and new.

Anyways I thought it was cute but not fashionable in the least bit. Then I read this blog onDooce I was blown away that I might be fashionable with my new carpet. I quickly noted her tip about baby wipes and went out and bought a box. The next day I was cleaning upstairs and I hear some banging going on downstairs. I come over the railing to see Conner taking apart the ladder to the pool in the middle of the living room. I told him to get it off the carpet and as I say this I see rust water drain out all over the carpet tiles...."noooooooo" in slow motion. I run and grab my newly purchased baby wipes and guess what??? it worked. The next day I come home from a meeting and Conner has polished Marty's work boots on the new carpet and left behind black marks. I used the wipes and it came right up! I then proceeded to sit Conner down and tell him that he is never to do anything on the carpet EVER! If he needs to work on something go out into the garage and do it. He is just a very busy boy and still is at 10. He is a big helper and so kind,friendly and loving. He just gets into the biggest scrapes since he was able to move. I can watch him 24 hrs a day and something still happens. He has outgrown this to some extent and mostly is doing good and means well.

Thank goodness for Dooce!