Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Time to pick up the slack

I have been slacking this past week, actually I have been really busy and finally things have settled down. We did a lot last week, which was good but very tiresome. Our schedule has been off since Marty has been home, which is good but also difficult. We are on a mini vacation, only we stay home and deal with tough stuff. It has been a pleasant time as a family and we have been having some good bonding time together.

Marty is doing great, he has been playing his bass the past week and even played in church on Sunday. He does have to take two more weeks off, which is a blessing and a hard thing. He wants to get back to work and not miss out on anything.   But he does want to see how the dialysis will affect him and be sure he has a good handle on that before going back. He starts this Thursday and is hesitant, he says " it is something I know, I have to do but something I don't want to do." We know the path is laid out before us and we just have to keep our eyes fixed on the goal. We are pushing hard to get the catheter test done before he goes back to work. We are hoping to get a referral soon to the heart doctor, I still have hope the heart doctor will not want to do the test.

The kids have a sinus thing going on and are both miserable. The air is really bad because of all the fires in the mountains on the sides of our valley. In fact our favorite camping spot at Big Sur is on fire and we are sad seeing the smoke. So we have been staying indoors as much as possible, that makes the kids antsy.

Our big sunflower bloomed today and I will share a story and some pics later this week. Hope everyone is enjoying the summer.