Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Good news!!!

Marty has be re-certified, which means our insurance has agreed to pay for his transplant. They have agreed until March, when Marty will have to go on Medicare. Yes, you read correctly Medicare as in the over 65 goverment insurance. Most End Stage Renal disease patients go on it immediately, our insurance has a 36 month cap on coverage. We have to pay a premium to Medicare, so we are just waiting until the coverage on our insurance runs out.

Good news is, he is top of the list and maybe we won't have to apply for Medicare! We need to focus all of our thoughts and prayers toward the donor family. They are the one's who need it more than us, they will be paying a high price for Marty to have life. Pray for them daily and for God to be at work in their lives.

Also, pray for the people who don't have the hope we do. We know a few people who have it far worse, dealing with diseases that have no cure or treatment. We have several friends, who don't get the chance to have a life changing treatment. So please pray for them, God knows who they are.

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