Friday, October 22, 2010

The return of funny Conner stories

Therrrrre baccck! There have been some funny Conner moments lately. Marty, I, friends and family have gotten some good laughs from our son lately. I will be posting them here and there to spread them out.

Here's the latest, not known to anyone:

The other day, Marty got his basses and pedals out. He hasn't been playing as of late due to his health but decided to dust everything off and maybe play a little bit. Conner get's out Marty's favorite blue pedal and plugs it in. The pedal doesn't turn on, Conner moves plugs and it still doesn't go on. Marty was bummed out since this was his favorite pedal. Of course, he has a new fancier pedal that he has never played with because he loves this blue one so much.

Conner asked if he could take it apart since it was dead and Marty agreed. This is a long standing thing with Conner, if something breaks he can take it apart and see how it ticks. This has helped prevent him from taking working things apart over the years.

Fast forward later that night; Marty and I are shutting off the lights and he tells me, " I have a story for you about Conner, a good one for your blog. Earlier we set up to jam and test my other pedal out. Conner brought out his bass and later ran back to get his drum pad. I asked him, why he did that and he said, "So we can jam." He goes to plug it in and it is dead, he goes, " Oh no, this plug is bad, it is the plug to your pedal. I sometimes borrow it for my drum pad."

My pedal wasn't broken, it was the cord he was using!!! I asked him where the pedal was and he replied, " I put it back together. But, I threw it in the trash." He went to get it out but came back in and said it was too late. I guess that I learned my lesson."

I was crying with laughter. Such a funny story! I guess they both learned a lesson that time.