Tuesday, September 6, 2011

MTTMB Series: The Cure was Morrissey

I've been dedicating these blogs to people who walked along side of me during those times and beyond. This blog is for my cousin Andy who shares my love of Morrissey. He was my first blog reader and still reads to this day. We have been the best of friends since  he was born and I always look forward to his phone calls.

As I said, in 1991 I started listening to L.A.'s legendary KROQ radio. I soon forgot all about Pauly Shore and delved into all things New Wave, Goth, Punk,Ska, and the new genre Grunge. The mainstream label is Alternative these days.

1992, I was a sophmore in high school and really finding out who I was as a person. If you haven't figured this out by now, I march to the beat of my own drum. I am a non-conformist-conformist. I like to not conform while still following the rules. Meaning, I am a good girl who likes to have fun and be weird. Being like everyone else is so unappealing to me. This was something I was learning in 1992.  I was still blonde and dressed like a surfer girl. I listened to non mainstream music though.

This also began the period of my life, where I lived at shows and concerts. Sometimes seeing shows three days a week. More about that in the next blog

I will never forget spending a sunny Saturday with Christena at the Rose Bowl seeing The Cure. Robert Smith maybe be the scariest looking guy but their tunes were catchy.  My friend Aurora got me hooked on them and would let me borrow all of her cassettes. I think this is one of my favorite Cure songs from that time and no it's not Friday I'm in Love, I am not a wannabe people.

I am probably most famous for my Morrissey love during this time period. It started with a love of The Smiths and then became a love of Morrissey. I guess he appealed to my teenage angst side( In fact, I once got busted by my Aunt Patty for some of the Smiths lyrics). I remember seeing him as a 16th birthday present. I cried like a maniac of course. One of the best concerts that I have ever been to. He has a beautiful voice and is a great showman. I really am not sure what my love for Morrissey was all about but I was crazy for him. Sadly, I only ever got to see him live once, the next time I had tickets he canceled the show.

These bands were my teen years and my teen years helped shape who I am today. I really can't explain why I loved them so much but I did. It was a fun time in my life, that I fondly look back on.

Here is a great picture of me wearing a Morrissey shirt in high school:

These are the Hilltop guys, my very best guy friends in High school and the closest thing I have to a brother besides my cousin Andy. I've been planning to write about for a long time, another story for another blog. This series is winding down, trying to cram it all in before my birthday on Sunday.