Monday, September 19, 2011

StumbledUpon dessert

Last week on the phone with my cousin Andy, he told me about StumbledUpon and what a great resource it is to share blog posts. I had seen a recent blip about it online but not gone much further. Then I saw a tutorial on a blogging site I frequent.

I followed the steps in the tutorial, set up a account and Stumbled. Basically, you put in your interests and hit "stumble" and new sites pop up. I LOVE IT! So addicting and informative. I have seen many beautiful pictures, informative videos, educational sites and some great blogs.

Today, I made dessert from two recipes that I "StumbledUpon" and they were great. One was a Smores Cookie Bar and the other was a Oreo Cookie Cake. Both were delicious and very simple to make.

This is a great new way to surf the web. It's a great way to find new information on multiple subjects at once. If you download the toolbar, you can like pages and they will save to a favorites list. I have a button on the bottom of this post to share my posts on StumbledUpon.