Thursday, July 18, 2013

Happy Birthday Friend Series: Happy Birthday Di

Today is the third member of the Breakfast Club's birthday, I am the outcast with a September birthday. Di is a wonderful friend that I met via Andrea who introduced me to Di's blog. She had two teenagers and two children under five at the time. She was suffering the tragic loss of her father. I loved reading about this amazing family, soon we became each others readers and blog buddies. As the years have gone by, we became friends and then an online family of sorts.

Do you follow me on Twitter? The sole reason I am on Twitter is because my friend Di asked me six years ago, she and her husband Eric are very knowledgeable on the newest social media trends. There was this new microblogging service called Twitter. Di needed me to ''follow her'' and I just shook my head. I joined up along with our friend Andrea. Eric, Di, Andrea and I have spent six years talking every day about life in general. So if you like talking to me on Twitter and reading this blog, be sure to tweet @cucsmom a happy birthday and thank you.

Di is hilarious! She is someone I admire and look up to, she doesn't care what anyone thinks of her. She is who she is, she is proud of that and doesn't worry about what others think! She has lived through many difficult things, been a single mom, raised four kids and worked full time with all of that!

My favorite memories of Di are her driving her green VW van up to our breakfast dates. Her hair flowing out the window with music blaring wearing an orange shirt. She is famous for her love of Journey ( well at least in my book) I cannot hear a Journey song and not think of her. She loves music.

Every year since 2007, she has talked me into doing NaBloPoMo with her in November. It has kind of become our month. Di doesn't blog much anymore but she at least keeps it up in November, if only for me. Truly this blog would not exsist without her and Andrea. For the longest time, they were the two biggest readers of this blog. Their long term support has really meant the world to me and I wouldn't be here without them.

The Breakfast Club circa 09. Shocking that Di is wearing something other than orange!

The Junior Breakfast Club: Felicity, Siobhan and Elizabeth

My favorite times are when her and her husband Eric verbally spar back and forth on Twitter. I have dubbed their funny hijinks '' The Cucsmom and Elpocho Show'' They are the Ricky and Lucy of Twitter, anyone else who claims that are frauds. Eric and Di were there first!

Friday or Saturday nights, Di will usually make herself some Tequila and Squirt, sit down and tweet as she goes. Some of my favorite tweets are the one's where she has gotten a bit tipsy!

Our first meeting of the Breakfast Club

She has adorable children and it is no secret I love her husband Eric. He has become my hermano from another mama. He was my first cycling fan friend and taught me much about what races and riders to watch. I know about the Alpe D'Huez because of him. ( That climb is today and I had to mention it, sorry Di)

When Marty was sick, Di was there for me. She would let me call her and talk, when Marty got the call, she got on my social media and updated them all for me. She is my social media emergency contact of sorts! She was one of the first people I called after Marty got the call!

She is my older sister ( note the older part), she will put me in my place, listen, give advice and just be a fun friend when needed. So many of our breakfast club meetings have been more for me than Andrea or Di. Of course, our last meeting was a favorite. We finally got to have a drink together, something we had never been able to do in person! Anyways, she and Andrea have been there for me many times over. One of the saddest goodbyes was my goodbye to them.

 Di, I am so thankful for your friendship. You've been a wonderful sounding board, older sister and friend. I admire you more than you know. There aren't many people that I look up to and I definitely count you as one of them.  Wishing you a wonderful birthday ( I won't tell them how OLD you are today, you are the older sister..right?) and a wonderful year. Hopefully, someday the breakfast club will meet again, I am thinking we need to make an annual meeting. We still need to go to Blogher together too!

If you want a fun follow on Twitter, be sure to follow @cucsmom
Her handle is the name of her beloved dog Cucui who passed away last year. If you want great tech advice, love soccer, you should follow @elpocho as well. Together they make a funny Twitter duo!