Sunday, July 21, 2013

Happy Birthday Friend Series: Joyeux Anniversaire Fanette

In 2009, I read the Twilight Series of books. Originally coerced by my bowling partner to read them, I had major reservations until I read the first book. I quickly read the rest of the books in seven days and then waited for the first movie to come out on DVD. During this time, I met fellow fans online on Twitter ( as with everything else in my life). Long story short, I was introduced to Fanette, a fellow fan in France.

We immediately hit it off and started chatting on a daily basis. We talked about our kids, pets, books and movies. Then we started Skyping on a weekly basis sharing little bits of life. Fanette sent our family a package with goodies from her region of France. We sent her American goodies that she loved and so on.

Last year, Fanette brought her boys David and Vincent to visit California. They came to stay with our family, we took them sight seeing. Introduced them to our friends, spent the fourth of July together and went to Disneyland. It was a magical time together.

Gifts from Fanette!

Fanette loves Conner and Elizabeth. She is like an aunt to them, always wanting to do nice things for them. She has offered for them to come stay as exchange students with her someday. They love her just as much and her boys even more.

Fanette et Elizabeth

We are lucky to know Fanette and her family. We miss seeing them and really want to go visit them within the next couple of years. I love that she knows my friends and mom, she even exchanged packages with my friend Matt and Tammy! She is making Matt's famous tri tip for her ''American Birthday BBQ'' tomorrow.

Fanette, We are so lucky to know you. Funny how small the world becomes with the internet.  We love you, David, and Vincent. You're a blessing to us all. I admire your strength being a single mom and raising the boys on your own. You're an amazing woman who I look up to and admire. A very happy birthday to you!