Friday, October 27, 2006


Ok, First I will make you laugh...

Conner asked for a sonicare toothbrush for his birthday-AAAhhh,That's my kinda boy.

I was teaching the kids the song Seek ye first and then I told them to draw a picture of a castle during social studies and Elizabeth draws one with a person and I asked her who it was and she said "That's zeek" and I said" Who's Zeek?" and she said"You know Zeek ye first" I was rolling laughing.

We have been crazy busy with all kinds of stuff around here lately and I am hoping next week will be quiet I am going to take the afternoon off tomorrow! that will be a change.

The house has sold and the new owners have the keys and it was really sad for my dad. I cant imagine living somewhere 51 years of my life and having to leave. I am sad I wont go back to the house ever again. Things don't seem to be getting easier yet with the grief and I dont know when it will......................

Here is me at my grandparents house leaving and not looking backPhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket