Friday, September 7, 2007


I need to stop to write everything down before I forget.

We have been very busy the past month doing a lot of different things. We started our home-school back up again in August and things couldn't be better. The kids both have made huge progress and just amaze me at their achievements. Conner is really making huge leaps with his reading and that makes life so much easier. Elizabeth is such a good student and we struggle more with attitude from her than anything. We are studying Astronomy and really have been enjoying learning about the heavens and the earth.

This will be the first time I share this publicly and it is unnerving to do so. We found out in May that Marty has Chronic Renal failure. His kidneys are failing and he will need dialysis and a transplant. It has been quite a shock to us as we had no clue this was happening. His previous Dr. dropped the ball and never told us. He felt he needed to change Dr.'s and we found out in two days. This is a lot of information to process and go through. I feel a peace about it and know it will all work out. Marty is struggling with this and is not ready to speak about it yet. So if you know him and read this talk to me not him if he wants to talk about it he will. We just received a call from Stanford and will be going up there soon to find out more about a kidney/pancreas transplant. We have wanted to be referred to LA for transplant so we could be near our families during the surgery and recovery. We heard the outcomes at Stanford are better but we still wanted LA so we could be near family. When Stanford called we took the hint that maybe that is where we are supposed to go even if it is incovienent. I will be writing my updates on here for everyone as promised. Marty doesn't read this since sometimes it's about him and he doesn't like to read about himself.

Okay, now for some light hearted talk. The kids start bowling league tomorrow and then we are going camping for my birthday and then Marty and I are going on a secret getaway that he has planned for us. YAY! he says he should be good for about 5 yrs. after this surprise...."Yeah Right"

I will leave you with two kid stories:

We went out to eat with my Dad last weekend at a Steakhouse. Elizabeth ordered ribs and when they came it looked like something off the Flintstones they were huge for a child's plate. Conner looks at her and in all seriousness says " Hey sis, you can take those home and clean the meat off and keep the bone in your room." ????? What???? I thought he was going to say " give them to the dogs" but I should have known it was Conner and it would be something random. What a kid~!

So now a Elizabeth story: The next day my Dad wanted to buy me a birthday present and I wanted binoculars so we went to Wal-Mart since it is close. On the way into the store I hear a hissing sound and realize it is our car. The tire picked something up in the parking lot and we had to buy a new tire. Thank goodness that we were at Wal-Mart and could get one so easily. We had to wait two hrs. and were trapped in Wal-Mart for two hours. So we went and looked around and looked around some more. As we were walking out of the electronics dept. I am suddenly hit in the head with one of these Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
in the head. I looked over at a group of teenagers with the death glare. I refrained from saying anything but I heard the guilty party say " I didn't mean to hit her..but it was funny" all of the sudden out of the corner of my eye I see...Elizabeth reeling back and a mad look on her face and she is poised like this
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and she kicked the ball hard right at the girl. I don't condone payback or a eye for a eye but in that moment I laughed and was so proud of her for sticking up for her Momma! I guess the older girl got really upset when she was outdone by a 7yr. old.